794 You Have Boss Contact Information?

    Yeva answered him by telling him to wait until he had defeated his arch enemy.

    Lang Mang and Yevas conversation is also the crux of the movie. Lang Mang defeating his enemy is the main plot of the movie. After he defeated him, Yeva appeared to have a race with Lang Mang. That would be the crux.

    After Lin Yan had spoken, Wei Xufeng fell into a thoughtful silence. And then?

    Lin Yan expounded, Defeating his arch enemy and conquering the track wasnt Lang Mangs original intent. He didnt compete just for the competition, but rather because he wanted to realize his dream. His ultimate dream was that Yeva would keep her promise and compete with him. Thus, after the victory, you shouldnt look happy or excited. Instead

    Instead? Wei Xufeng stared at Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan said stoically, Im here. I saw. I conquered. Where are you?

    As Lin Yans words echoed, Wei Xufeng was startled.

    Other than Wei Xufeng, the director was also taken aback.

    The script wasnt that detailed. The ending was also rather vague. Most importantly, it was up to the actors to bring out the essence of the characters. So far, Wei Xufeng hadnt given him what he wanted.

    To be exact, the director didnt know what he wanted either.

    However, Lin Yans words

    Especially her last words

    Im here. I saw. I conquered. Where are you?

    Yeah! That was right!

    He wanted that!

    That way, the storyline and performances would have the best effect. Yeva being the crux of the movie would be more convincing!

    This surprise was so sudden and unexpected that the director had forgotten to question Lin Yan about how she had known about Lang Mang and Yevas history.

    Hold on. Lin Yan, how could you know about Boss and Lang Mang? The script wasnt that detailed Did you come up with this all by yourself? Wei Xufeng watched Lin Yan closely.

    No, no! I dont care how she did it. This is what I want. Wei Xufeng, do exactly as she says. I want that! The director interjected hastily.

    Wei Xufeng furrowed his eyebrows as he studied Lin Yan in confusion.

    Lin Yan chuckled softly. Yeva told me personally. Have you forgotten that Yeva selected me personally for this role?

    You have Boss contact information?

    Wei Xufeng yelled in excitement.

    Lin Yan replied, Of course I do Didnt I just tell you that Yeva told me herself?

    Lin Yan Can you give me her contact information? Wei Xufeng pleaded hurriedly.

    No. Lin Yan shook her head. Its her private number so I cant give it to you without her permission.

    Lin Yan Please do me this favor. As long as you tell me I will give you a sum of money Wei Xufeng implored.

    Lin Yan quipped instantly, Sure!

    The director was speechless

    Wei Xufeng was speechless

    All the staff members were speechless

    No, no Suddenly, Wei Xufeng shook his head.

    Was this fellow trying to renege on his promise? Hadnt he just promised to give her money in exchange for Yevas contact information? Why would he change his mind?

    He definitely wasnt a real fan!
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