795 Am I Qualified Now?

    Chapter 795: Am I Qualified Now?

    “Even if I contact Boss, I don’t think she will respond…” Wei Xufeng frowned as he muttered.

    Lin Yan shrugged casually. “In that case, there is nothing I can do.”

    “Lin Yan, can you talk to Boss and ask her to respond to me? If she really does, I will pay you double. No, make it triple!” Wei Xufeng quipped earnestly.

    Lin Yan peered at Wei Xufeng. “Alright, consider it done! If Yeva doesn’t respond, I will pay you back double.”

    Lin Yan was so excited that her hands trembled. This money seemed to have fallen from heaven. All she had to do was log into Yeva’s account and accept Wei Xufeng’s friend request!

    If Wei Xufeng continued to offer her money, she would be willing to chat with him for the entire night!

    “Lin Yan, you made a promise,” quipped Wei Xufeng solemnly.

    “Yeah, I did! I promised you that I would get Yeva to respond to you. If she doesn’t, I will return you double the amount!” Lin Yan repeated firmly.

    “Wei Xufeng, are the two of you done?” the director asked.

    Wei Xufeng turned to the director. “Sorry, I’m ready! We can start now.”

    “Hold on. Actually, I also have Yeva’s contact information…” said the director.

    Lin Yan glared fiercely at the director. Why would he try to snatch her client?

    Lin Yan hurriedly interjected. “Director! Let’s focus on acting! Wei Xufeng is finally ready so we should start soon!”

    The director nodded quickly. “Yeah! Let’s work!”

    Wei Xufeng adjusted his emotions and got ready once more.

    He strode out of the car slowly as several racers surrounded him. They were all cheering him on wildly.

    As he was cheered on, a faint smile lingered at the corners of his lips. However, his eyes were swirling with complex emotions.

    Wei Xufeng’s eyes had trailed to a distant object.

    “Am I qualified now?”

    The director was stumped, as that line was not included in the script!

    He was about to interrupt him, yet as he mulled this over, there seemed to be nothing wrong with Wei Xufeng’s improvisation. Hence, he clammed up.

    Wei Xufeng’s eyes were watching the sky.

    “I’m here. I saw. I conquered… Where are you?” Wei Xufeng muttered.


    The director nodded in approval, looking exceedingly pleased. Wei Xufeng had copied Lin Yan’s lines, but it felt appropriate. There were no forced or overwhelming emotions, and he looked melancholic.

    After some time, the sky turned dark.

    Wei Xufeng had been left alone on the deserted racing track.

    He slumped against his car, looking as though he was talking to it.

    “I’m still waiting… What am I waiting for? Who knows? Perhaps I’m waiting for a promise…”

    Suddenly, a loud vroom echoed from the hill side.

    Wei Xufeng’s eyes lit up as he gazed at the hill.


    A silver car seemed to have leaped out of the hill and flown across the sky like a bird.

    The sight of it left the director feeling disoriented.

    This wasn’t in the script!

    Would it look too fake?
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