796 Fulfilling a Promise

    Chapter 796: Fulfilling a Promise

    Besides, only a professional racer was supposed to perform such dangerous stunts!

    Lin Yan was too daring!

    Plus, why was she so skilled?


    The silver car stopped abruptly and Yeva got out. She crossed her arms before her chest casually as she peered at Wei Xufeng.

    Wei Xufeng’s eyes were glittering with inexplicable excitement that faded quickly.

    “You’re here. I knew you would come.”

    “You and your teammates are quite good.” Lin Yan’s eyes darted past Wei Xufeng toward his car.

    Wei Xufeng was about to speak when Lin Yan suddenly removed her helmet.

    He blinked in shock. Yeva wasn’t supposed to remove her helmet according to the script.

    However, the director didn’t say anything. Hence, he had to continue.

    The director was in a state of confusion because of Lin Yan and Wei Xufeng. What were the two of them doing? Neither of them was following the script! As professional actors, was this something they were supposed to do?

    Still, everything seemed pretty good!



    As Yeva removed her helmet, she hushed him by putting a finger against her lips.

    Wei Xufeng was about to recite the original lines of the script when he saw Lin Yan silencing him. He instead clamped his mouth shut.

    “Congratulations.” Lin Yan smiled at Wei Xufeng.

    Wei Xufeng was feeling confused. Lin Yan wasn’t following the script at all, so he had no idea what he should do!

    Even though Wei Xufeng had the impulse to stop filming, the director hadn’t said anything. Thus, he had to grit his teeth and continue.

    The problem was… Wei Xufeng had no idea how he should reply.

    “Am I ready now?” he said after some time.

    Lin Yan smiled at him. “You’ve matured. I should fulfill my promise now.”

    She put on her helmet once more and turned around toward her silver car.

    Wei Xufeng followed suit.

    Lin Yan rolled down the window and asked him a question. “Are you ready?”

    Wei Xufeng signaled that he was.


    Both cars flew out at the same time.

    To be honest, Wei Xufeng’s racing skills were indeed pretty good. Although he couldn’t be compared to a professional racer, he was good enough for this scene.

    As the cars raced to the finish line, the director leaped to his feet, looking exhilarated. He shouted to end the scene.

    The ending of Legend was based on Yeva and Lang Mang’s race. Nobody knew the outcome, so the ending was open to the audience’s interpretation.

    Although Lang Mang was the male lead in this movie, everyone knew that it was highly impossible that he could defeat Yeva. That would probably invite criticism. However, if Lang Mang were to lose the race, it wouldn’t seem appropriate for the movie’s ending. Hence, this kind of ambiguous ending would be perfect.

    “Lin Yan, be careful! That’s my car!”

    After they finished filming, Wei Xufeng rushed forward anxiously to examine the car.

    Lin Yan was speechless…

    “Brilliant! Your acting was excellent! Both of you surprised me!” The director walked over to them with a huge grin.

    In particular, he was looking at Lin Yan.

    Even though she hadn’t followed the script and had shortened her lines, this vibe seemed even apter. The characters had stood out more, especially when she’d removed her helmet. It had seemed as though she was declaring the end of a reign and the start of another.
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