797 Something Major Happened

    Chapter 797: Something Major Happened

    Yeva didn’t have many scenes in the movie and probably had only a few minutes of screentime. However, the essence and the selling point of the movie was concentrated in these few minutes.

    There wasn’t a need for a myriad of lines. The director wanted the movie to give off an indescribable feeling, and Lin Yan did bring that out. That was exactly what he wanted.


    After filming ended, Lin Yan left with Zhao Hongling and Duoduo.

    Everything had gone smoothly today and had seemed effortless to Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan had known what the director wanted, which was more of a feeling or mood. To top it off, she was portraying herself, so it wasn’t difficult by any means.

    “Sister Yan, you acted so well!”

    Duoduo glanced at Lin Yan as she praised her.

    “Indeed, you did well,” Zhao Hongling added with a smile.

    While Lin Yan and Wei Xufeng had been acting together, Zhao Hongling had been startled by their improvisation. She had seen the script and was thus familiar with Lang Mang and Yeva’s lines.

    Lin Yan hadn’t followed the script at all and had chosen to improvise instead.

    However, the results had exceeded Zhao Hongling’s expectations. Lin Yan’s actions and expressions had portrayed Yeva naturally. At certain parts, she had even felt goosebumps rising all over her skin.

    “Sister Yan, you acted so well today! You must have worked very hard!” Duoduo exclaimed excitedly. “When I saw you standing with Wei Xufeng, it almost slipped my mind that you were acting. For a moment, I thought that you were Yeva!”

    At the traffic junction, Lin Yan turned to Duoduo and Zhao Hongling. “What did you guys say?”

    Duoduo was speechless…

    Zhao Hongling was speechless…

    “Focus on driving. I don’t have an extra license.” Zhao Hongling chuckled softly.

    Lin Yan blushed awkwardly in response.

    Every time Zhao Hongling met her, she was bound to bring up the topic of the license in some way.

    After taking Zhao Hongling and Duoduo back home, Lin Yan returned to Cloud Manor.

    Both kittens were busy eating in the room. When they saw Lin Yan, they purred unanimously.

    Lin Yan opened their cages.

    Both of the kittens started rubbing their heads continuously against her pants.

    As she patted them, her phone rang.

    “Hello, Sister!”

    It was He Lefeng.

    “What happened?”

    He Lefeng sounded slightly anxious, which made Lin Yan frown.

    Had something happened to the car team again?

    “Sister, something major has happened!” He Lefeng said hastily.

    “Don’t be so anxious. Calm down and tell me what happened,” Lin Yan said quietly.

    Before He Lefeng could say anything, Mo Shuyun interjected. “Everything is fine. Goddess, don’t worry. It’s nothing.”

    “Captain, my sister needs to know!” He Lefeng added anxiously.

    Mo Shuyun quipped, “Why are you so disobedient? Aren’t you making your sister worry now?”

    “How can we hide this from her even if she gets worried? This is something huge!” He Lefeng cried out.

    Lin Yan frowned in confusion. “Xiaofeng, what’s happened exactly?”
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