798 He Was Angered

    "Sister, something big has happened!" He Lefeng sighed.

    "What's happened exactly? Tell me!" Lin Yan was impatient by nature, so she really wished she could strangle He Lefeng.

    He kept harping on about something that had happened yet he wouldn't make himself clear.

    "Grandfather has been hospitalized!" He Lefeng cried out.

    Lin Yan was taken aback as He Lefeng's words rang in her ears.

    "Which hospital is he in? I'll go over now," quipped Lin Yan.


    When Lin Yan got to the hospital, He Lefeng and Mo Shuyun were waiting outside the entrance.

    He Lefeng scuttled over to Lin Yan hastily. "Sister, Grandfather has been hospitalized!"

    Lin Yan frowned at He Lefeng. Why was he repeating himself?

    "Goddess, don't be so anxious," said Mo Shuyun.

    Lin Yan didn't say anything. She merely followed them to the operating room.

    She had never imagined that Grandfather would be in a condition that would require an operation.

    Her grandfather was still having an operation so everyone waited outside.

    "What happened? Why would Grandfather need an operation?" Lin Yan asked He Lefeng and Mo Shuyun.

    Not too long ago, Grandfather had still been really healthy and energetic. Why would he be hospitalized?

    "Sister, no one expected this. It's a long story!" He Lefeng sighed heavily.

    "Make it short," snapped Lin Yan.

    "Stop talking nonsense!" Mo Shuyun scowled at He Lefeng. "You're making things worse. The Old Master was angered by someone."

    "Yeah, yeah. Captain, you're right. Grandfather fainted because he was really angry," said He Lefeng.

    "He was angry?"

    Lin Yan was confused by He Lefeng.

    Now that the car team was doing well, why would he end up in the hospital?

    "Who did this?" Lin Yan studied He Lefeng. "Did you infuriate Grandfather?"

    "Me?" He Lefeng jerked in disbelief as he stared at Lin Yan. "Sister, are you joking? Am I that unfilial? I've always obeyed Grandfather. I have never opposed him. How could it be me?"

    "Goddess, I can be He Lefeng's witness. He isn't the culprit. I think he should be the one hospitalized instead." Mo Shuyun sighed gravely.

    "It was Uncle and He Mingkai!" He Lefeng explained hurriedly.


    Lin Yan remained quiet.

    She had almost forgotten the two of them.

    "Why?" asked Lin Yan.

    "I have no idea. Grandfather, Uncle, and He Mingkai were inside the room. I was in the living room when I heard them arguing. I think they mentioned something about shares. Then, Grandfather chased both of them out of the house. After I closed the door, Grandfather fainted!"

    Lin Yan's eyes gleamed coldly.

    "He Xiong and He Mingkai are really jerks. How could they anger the Old Master to that extent?" Mo Shuyun hissed angrily.

    Lin Yan had no idea why her grandfather had collapsed and wasn't interested in knowing right now. What mattered was her grandfather's health.

    They would only know how he was after the operation.

    "Should we inform Aunt?" asked He Lefeng.

    Lin Yan fell silent and shook her head. "Don't tell her for now. Let's wait and see."

    If her mother were to know about this, she would definitely demand an explanation from He Mingkai and He Xiong.
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