799 Jinxed Mouth

    Chapter 799: Jinxed Mouth

    He Muyun might seem easygoing and docile, but if Grandfather was in the picture, she wouldn’t let anyone off.

    Lin Yan did not want her mother to be overly worried and angry. Hence, she wanted to wait.

    After two hours, the operation room’s light was still on, indicating that the operation was still ongoing.

    Lin Yan and He Lefeng were even more worried.

    “Why isn’t the operation over yet? Is Grandfather in a critical condition?” He Lefeng blurted out anxiously.

    Mo Shuyun glanced at He Lefeng and hissed, “You’re such a filial boy.”

    Before He Lefeng could retort, Lin Yan said, “Seal your jinxed mouth.”

    He Lefeng was speechless… He hadn’t meant what he’d said.

    “To think that He Mingkai is such a scum. He even scolded Grandfather for being a fool. I will kill him when I see him!” He Lefeng gnashed his teeth.

    “Forget it.” Mo Shuyun shook his head.

    “How can I let this go?” He Lefeng spat coldly.

    “What I mean is, forget about killing him with your size. I reckon He Mingkai will knock you out with three punches. You may even need surgery.” Mo Shuyun mused aloud.

    Suddenly, the lights outside the operating room dimmed, the doors opened, and two surgeons walked out.

    “Who is related to He Dingkun?”

    The surgeon who led spoke first.

    “I’m He Dingkun’s granddaughter.” Lin Yan stood up immediately.

    “I’m his grandson!” He Lefeng added hastily.

    The surgeon gave He Lefeng a quizzical look before speaking to Lin Yan. “Follow me.”

    Lin Yan and the rest followed the surgeon.

    In his office, the surgeon said, “I didn’t know that the man inside was your grandfather. Miss Lin Yan, I’m a fan of yours.”

    “Hello, thank you for your support. Doctor, how is my grandfather?” Lin Yan did not wish to chat.

    “Miss Lin Yan, your grandfather had cerebral hemorrhage because he got too worked up.” The surgeon fell silent before he spoke.

    “Cerebral hemorrhage? Is it serious?” He Lefeng asked the surgeon anxiously.

    “His blood vessels ruptured. What do you think?” The surgeon frowned.

    “Doctor, please ignore him. He is a little slow… How is my grandfather? Was the operation successful?” asked Lin Yan.

    The surgeon nodded. “Miss Lin Yan, the operation can be considered a success. However, we still need to observe him for a period of time. The patient is in a coma and I’m unsure when he will wake up.”

    “Is my grandfather in danger?” asked Lin Yan.

    “He was sent here in time, and the operation can be considered a success. For now, he is out of danger. We will observe him closely,” the surgeon explained slowly.

    Lin Yan’s heartbeat returned to normal when she heard the surgeon’s words.

    The operation was a success, and he was out of danger. This could be considered a blessing.

    “Doctor, when will my grandfather wake up?” asked He Lefeng.

    “I can’t tell you, as this depends on his condition,” the surgeon replied.

    “Will my grandfather become a vegetable? What will happen if he doesn’t wake up?” He Lefeng cried out.

    “Can you shut that jinxed mouth of yours?” Mo Shuyun scowled at He Lefeng.
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