800 Selling the Shares At A High Price

    Chapter 800: Selling the Shares At A High Price

    He Lefeng seemed to have realized that he had been talking too much. He clammed up when he noticed Lin Yan and Mo Shuyun’s murderous gazes.

    For some reason, He Lefeng sensed that if he continued to ramble, he might have to be hospitalized in the same ward with his grandfather. Of course, he did not wish to do that.

    “Doctor, thank you. Please take good care of my grandfather,” said Lin Yan to the surgeon.

    The middle-aged surgeon nodded. “Miss Lin Yan, rest assured that we will do our best. Besides, the patient isn’t in critical condition. If we think positively, he might wake up in a few days. He will certainly get well after recuperating.”

    He Lefeng, who had gone silent, suddenly burst out. “What if we think negatively?”

    The middle-aged surgeon glanced at He Lefeng with a resigned look and didn’t respond.

    “If you think negatively, then you should stay in the same ward as Grandfather. That way, you can keep him company. Are you satisfied?” Lin Yan sneered at He Lefeng.

    Under Lin Yan’s hostile gaze, He Lefeng shuddered in fear. “I’m… satisfied.”

    “Doctor, can we visit the Old Master?” asked Mo Shuyun.

    “I’m afraid not. Perhaps you should take care of the paperwork first. I will contact you soon,” said the middle-aged surgeon.

    “Thank you.” Lin Yan nodded and led He Lefeng and Mo Shuyun out.

    “Goddess, I have something to tell you.”

    Mo Shuyun glanced at Lin Yan and said, “I just received a message. He Mingkai and He Xiong will be organizing an event to celebrate us becoming a top team…”

    Lin Yan’s eyes darted to Mo Shuyun’s message.

    Lin Yan sneered coldly. “This pair of father and son is rather adorable. After landing Grandfather in the hospital, they are still in the mood to celebrate.”

    “I sense that something is amiss.” Mo Shuyun pondered this quietly for some time. “He Lefeng said something about the shares, which resulted in the Old Master collapsing. Now, they are throwing a celebration. Don’t you find it suspicious?”

    “Yeah, it’s related to the shares. I heard them clearly. I think Uncle has sold his shares at a high price…” He Lefeng muttered.

    “Set that aside for now. It seems like they didn’t invite you to the celebration.” Mo Shuyun turned to Lin Yan.

    In the past, Lin Yan wouldn’t have attended the event even if He Mingkai and He Xiong had invited her. However, things were different now.

    Aurora had nothing to do with the two of them. Even if they were to hold a celebration, she or Grandfather should be the host.

    Celebrations aside, they had angered Grandfather so much that he had collapsed. Nevertheless, they were planning a celebration.

    “I am going there.” Lin Yan eyed Mo Shuyun. “It doesn’t matter if they didn’t invite me. Let me know about the venue and time later. I want to know what they are up to.”
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