801 Aren’t You My Sister?

    Chapter 801: Aren’t You My Sister?

    Mo Shuyun answered promptly, “It’s at the He family mansion at 7.30 p.m. tonight. Goddess, just come with us.”

    “He Lefeng is a b*stard. Just you wait. During the celebration tonight, I will murder him. No one should stop me! I will not be stopped!” He Lefeng shouted.

    Lin Yan sighed as she glanced at Mo Shuyun. “Shuyun, keep an eye on him.”

    Mo Shuyun nodded. “Goddess, don’t worry. I won’t allow him to act rashly.”

    Lin Yan replied helplessly, “You have misunderstood. I meant that you should keep an eye on him because he is a little dim-witted. Don’t let him frighten the others.”

    “Goddess, I understand.” Mo Shuyun grinned at Lin Yan.

    He Lefeng was speechless…

    He was aggrieved as he pouted. “How can you say that? Aren’t you my sister?”

    “I’m your cousin…” Lin Yan’s heart was aching.

    Why hadn’t she realized how idiotic He Lefeng could be?

    He Lefeng was a bigger idiot than Pei Yutang. They had to be lost brothers!

    She had to ask her uncle if He Lefeng was adopted.

    “So what if you’re my cousin? You’re my sister! My older sister!” quipped He Lefeng.

    “Be good. I’m going back first. Call me later,” said Lin Yan.

    “Alright, Sister. No problem, Sister.” He Lefeng grinned sheepishly at her.


    After Lin Yan left, Mo Shuyun eyed He Lefeng. “He Lefeng, I really admire you for having such a sister.”

    “Why?” He Lefeng didn’t understand.

    “She is beautiful and kind.” Mo Shuyun sighed wistfully.

    “Why do you say that?” He Lefeng asked.

    “Isn’t she beautiful and kind for not murdering you?” Mo Shuyun stroked his chin.


    Lin Yan was waiting for the green light when her phone suddenly rang.

    It was her boss.

    “Hello, Boss!” Lin Yan answered cheerfully.

    “Are you free?” a cool voice answered.

    Lin Yan had no idea what he meant so she asked, “Boss, what do you want from me?”

    “The company plans for you to travel.”

    Lin Yan was taken aback.

    “Where am I supposed to go? Who am I going with?” Lin Yan blurted out instinctively.

    “Overseas. With me. For a few days.”

    Lin Yan was speechless…

    What a joke. If she were to go on a work trip with him for a few days, Pei Yucheng would devour her alive if he found out. That was out of the question.

    “Sorry, Boss, but I’ve been a little busy recently. I can’t make the trip,” Lin Yan said respectfully.

    The man fell silent for a while before he answered, “Alright. Be safe.”

    Before Lin Yan could respond, he had hung up.

    Lin Yan put her phone away as she thought to herself. She was supposed to translate for him. There had been no traveling plans.

    Meanwhile, at Cloud Manor…

    Ling Yue was sitting with her laptop open when she sprang to her feet at the sight of Lin Yan. “Sister Yan! How did filming go?”

    Lin Yan nodded as she contemplated. The filming process that day had to be the smoothest one she had experienced so far.
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