802 Network

    Chapter 802: Network

    “It went quite smoothly.” Lin Yan smiled at her.

    “Sister Yan, I have news about Lin Shuya.” Ling Yue stood up as she faced Lin Yan. “Lin Shuya won’t be appearing in any productions for the time being.”

    Lin Yan had expected Lin Shuya to do that.

    After the truth about Angel’s Shelter had come to light, it had affected Lin Shuya badly. Thus, being out of the limelight would be good for her.

    “Lin Shuya’s representative has announced that she will be involved in professional racing for some time. She will most likely be working with several major teams that will be transferring some of their racers to Lin Shuya’s team,” Ling Yue elaborated.

    Lin Yan was aware of the existence of the racing federation in the country, as every country had one. The racing federation acted as an official representative and played a vital role.

    The most famous and influential event in the racing industry had to be the international competition. Many countries came together to organize it.

    An official racing federation had the authority to ban racers from competing. Lin Yan had been banned by the racing federation.

    To a certain extent, every country’s racing federation had power and authority over the racing teams in the country.

    For instance, when Lin Yan had been banned by one of the racing federations, other racing federations had also complied and disallowed the banned racer from competing in their countries as well.

    Lin Yan was surprised that Lin Shuya had chosen to embark on the path of a professional racer.

    However, Lin Yan wasn’t very bothered by Lin Shuya’s plans. She wasn’t interested, as she had nothing to do with her.

    “Sister Yan, did your grandfather collapse and get hospitalized as a result?” Ling Yue smiled at Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan froze momentarily when she heard Ling Yue. Surprise now glinted in her eyes.

    Even her mother didn’t know about her grandfather. How did Ling Yue know?

    Upon sensing Lin Yan’s suspicion, Ling Yue grinned. “Sister Yan, have you forgotten about my powerful network?”

    Even the Pei Family wasn’t completely aware of Ling Yue’s network. Ling Yue had told Lin Yan about that, but she hadn’t expected that Ling Yue would be so well-informed. Her grandfather had been hospitalized just hours ago, yet Ling Yue already knew.

    “This is too scary.” Lin Yan gasped.

    Everything seemed to be transparent when it came to Ling Yue. She seemed to know everything.

    “Sister Yan, you should be more careful. I feel that Lin Shuya is up to something that might be related to your professional racing career.” Lin Yan mulled this over gravely.

    Now that Ling Yue was her manager, Lin Yan felt as though she was invincible with all this information on hand. She would be able to make decisions and find solutions in the shortest time possible.

    Ling Yue was also well aware of the happenings in both the entertainment industry and the racing industry.

    “I will be careful.” Lin Yan nodded at Ling Yue.


    Lin Yan reached the He family mansion at 7:30 p.m. sharp.

    He Xiong and his son had planned a celebration, and she wanted to see what they were up to.

    Lin Yan bumped into three other team members when she arrived.
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