803 In What Capacity?

    Chapter 803: In What Capacity?

    “Sister Yan!” One of the young team members greeted her warmly.

    “Goddess!” another guy yelled.

    “Fairy Sister!”

    The last team member seemed excited and flustered as he gaped at Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan felt uncomfortable all over as she smiled awkwardly at the trio.

    The celebration was held inside the mansion, and all the members of the Aurora team had been invited.

    Lin Yan caught sight of He Mingkai and He Xiong the moment she stepped in.

    He Mingkai and He Xiong merely exchanged a glance when they saw her.

    “Sister Yan, you’re here!”

    He Lefeng ran over as he glanced in the direction of He Mingkai.

    Mo Shuyun walked over with the others.

    Lin Yan stayed silent all this while as she studied He Mingkai and He Xiong.

    There was no need for words, as everything was conveyed by their gazes.

    “Who invited you?”

    He Xiong, who seemed uncomfortable under Lin Yan’s stare, rose suddenly. His gaze was filled with hatred and disdain.

    After He Xiong spoke, He Mingkai snorted coldly at Lin Yan. “I don’t recall inviting you. Are you thick-skinned enough to come here without an invitation?”

    Lin Yan scanned He Xiong and his son with a stoic expression. “Do I need an invitation to join the celebration?”

    “Lin Yan, let me tell you something. The He family team has nothing to do with you. If you wish to stay on the team, then you’ll have to obey me. Otherwise, get lost.” He Mingkai sneered arrogantly with a smirk.

    “Let’s not talk about that. I wanted to ask you about Grandfather,” said Lin Yan quietly.

    “Don’t you know about your own grandfather’s state? I thought you went to the hospital!” He Xiong snapped.

    “So you sent your father, and he sent Grandfather to the hospital.” Lin Yan smirked coldly.

    He Mingkai and He Xiong didn’t seem to be affected.

    “Grandfather is getting old and his mind isn’t working well. We can’t do anything if he isn’t receptive to certain matters. What do you mean by saying that we sent him to the hospital? Are you going to talk any sense?” said He Mingkai coldly.

    Lin Yan nodded in response.

    She understood what He Mingkai and He Xiong were thinking. They didn’t care about her grandfather at all.

    Because of the car team, they had been ostracized. Hatred had probably welled in their hearts, so they couldn’t wait for Grandfather to die.

    “Lin Yan, from this day onward, you’ll be a substitute of the He family team. On top of that, you will be in charge of hygiene and food procurement. Your performance will determine when you will start racing again,” quipped He Mingkai.

    “He Mingkai, are you kidding?” Mo Shuyun suddenly interjected. “In what capacity are you giving orders?”

    “In what capacity?”

    He Xiong scoffed aloud. “We are the people in charge of the He family team.”

    “People in charge?”

    Everyone was nonplussed as He Xiong spoke.

    When had He Mingkai and He Xiong become the people in charge?

    “Show them.”

    He Xiong instructed He Mingkai.

    He Mingkai approached Mo Shuyun with some documents.

    Mo Shuyun was one of the shareholders of the He family team. Hence, he had the right to see the documents.
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