804 Change of Owner

    Mo Shuyun looked thunderstruck after he read the documents. Disbelief was flickering in his eyes at the same time.

    "So, do you know who we are now?" He Mingkai sneered coldly.

    "Hold on, I need to confirm this."

    Mo Shuyun turned around and left with his phone.

    After some time, he returned with a grave expression.

    That explained the smug and arrogant expressions on the father and son's faces. Mo Shuyun had also understood why the old master had collapsed.

    He Xiong was truly incorrigible. He had sold his shares!

    There wouldn't be a huge fuss if he'd just sold his shares. However, the problem was that the other party had also acquired other minority shareholders' shares. That meant that the He family team had passed hands!

    "What happened?" Lin Yan asked Mo Shuyun after noticing his expression.

    "They have sold all their shares," Mo Shuyun told Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan had already been aware of this.

    "They sold them to a car team that has been buying the remaining shares as well. Without He Xiong's 20-percent share, Old Master won't be able to manage the He family team anymore. In a sense, there is a new owner." Mo Shuyun expounded clearly.

    After Mo Shuyun's explanation, Lin Yan understood why Grandfather had collapsed.

    It wasn't because of He Mingkai's rude remarks but due to the He family team!

    "How will you answer the Old Master?" Mo Shuyun glared at He Xiong and his son.

    He Mingkai didn't even look remotely guilty. "The other team is rich and capable. They will give us funding and help us attract more investors. Grandfather could collect money even while lying in bed, but he isn't pleased with that... How could he blame us? Furthermore, each of us will benefit from this deal, as everyone's salary will be tripled!"


    The team members shot glances at each other.

    In that case... the outcome did seem acceptable.

    The owner had changed, but there would be more funding. It was a great deal!

    The He family team had become a top team so it would naturally require more funding.

    "Lin Yan, do you remember what I said before?" asked He Mingkai.

    He Lefeng suddenly cried out. "He Mingkai, are you even human? You're a beast! How dare you say all this while Grandfather is in the hospital?"

    He Mingkai turned around to smirk at He Lefeng, his eyes flashing dangerously. "He Lefeng, it seems as though you do not wish to stay on the team any longer."

    "He Mingkai, I will end your life today. Do you believe me?"

    He Lefeng rolled his sleeves as he glared with determination.

    "You? I think you are itching for a beating." He Mingkai sneered condescendingly.

    He could defeat He Lefeng with just one hand.

    "Everyone, listen up! If I don't kill him today, my surname won't be He anymore!" He Lefeng stormed toward He Mingkai.

    He suddenly stopped to peer at Mo Shuyun and Lin Yan. "Don't you stop me! If I don't kill him today, I will get his surname!"

    Lin Yan rolled her eyes. "You have the same surname anyway..."
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