805 Sister, He Hit Me!

    Chapter 805: Sister, He Hit Me!

    Everyone, including Lin Yan and Mo Shuyun, turned to He Lefeng.

    They all fell silent as though they were waiting for He Lefeng’s performance.

    He Lefeng’s eyes landed on Mo Shuyun. After some contemplation, he told Mo Shuyun, “Don’t pull me away. I’m really angry. I have to teach that b*stard a lesson today.”

    Mo Shuyun fell into deep thought before he nodded. “Okay, good luck!”

    He Lefeng was speechless…

    His eyes roved over Lin Yan. “Sister Yan, don’t hold me back. Blood is bound to be shed in this house.”

    Lin Yan eyed He Lefeng. “Okay.”

    He Lefeng frowned in response. “I really have to do something. No one is pulling me away? Something big is about to happen!”

    The He Family team members exchanged a look. Then, one of them muttered softly, “Go on…”

    He Lefeng was speechless…


    Before he could continue, He Mingkai darted forward and landed a punch on his left cheek.

    He Lefeng was caught off guard as he stumbled backward.

    When he was about two fingers away from Lin Yan, she suddenly extended her hand and placed it on his shoulders.

    He Lefeng finally stopped in his tracks.

    He was completely dumbstruck by He Mingkai’s punch. He only snapped back to his senses after some time.

    “He Mingkai… You… Are you serious? How dare you hit me? You’re dead!” He Lefeng’s eyes were red as he yelled at He Mingkai.

    Lin Yan sighed helplessly to herself. Although he wasn’t as fit as a diamond, the problem was that he was really lazy. How could he be his match?

    “It’s fine if I teach you a lesson. He Lefeng, you sound quite arrogant. I shall wait for you.” He Mingkai sneered coldly at He Lefeng.

    Lin Yan was about to advise He Lefeng not to act rashly when he suddenly turned around and glared at her. “Sister… He hit me!”

    Lin Yan was startled when she heard He Lefeng.

    The corners of her mouth twitched. He looked really good.

    Initially, she had assumed that He Lefeng would go berserk and fight with He Mingkai. However, in the end, it seemed as though he was pleading for help…

    Mo Shuyun looked awkward. Why would he even know such a useless person?


    He Mingkai, who had heard He Lefeng pleading with Lin Yan, chuckled aloud. “He Lefeng, you are a real dog. Why are you asking such a useless person for help? Actually, that’s good. I want to educate a useless person who has no father to teach them!”

    He Mingkai didn’t give He Lefeng a chance to utter a word. He rushed forward and landed another punch on He Lefeng’s face.

    In a split second, Lin Yan suddenly moved slightly and pulled He Lefeng behind her.

    “Goddess, be careful!”

    Mo Shuyun was shocked.

    Lin Yan’s actions had exposed her to He Mingkai. Was she going to take a beating for He Lefeng?

    Mo Shuyun heard a light sound when he finished speaking.

    Everyone turned to Lin Yan in surprise.

    Lin Yan, who was standing in front of He Lefeng, had blocked his fist effortlessly.
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