807 Exiting the He Family Team

    Chapter 807: Exiting the He Family Team

    “Help me! This punch was for me!” He Lefeng hastily interjected.

    Mo Shuyun glanced at He Lefeng. “Didn’t I help you?”

    “He Mingkai punched me. Sister Yan, can you punch him back twice? Is there a problem?” asked He Lefeng.

    Mo Shuyun pondered it for a moment before replying, “I don’t think so.”

    “Alright.” Lin Yan nodded and replied, “This punch was for He Lefeng.”

    Everyone was rendered speechless. How could he play this way?

    Lin Yan glanced at He Mingkai, who was starting to panic. She then hurled another punch at him.

    However, when her fist was about to land on He Mingkai, it stopped abruptly.

    “Forget it. This punch was meant to be for me. However, you really don’t have the right to allow me to hit you.” Lin Yan picked He Mingkai up like a little chick and threw him out of the room.

    Everyone gasped in shock.

    How ruthless!

    The previous three punches had beaten up He Mingkai badly, yet Lin Yan had said that He Mingkai wasn’t fit to be beaten…

    They weren’t even qualified to do anything. They had almost killed He Mingkai!

    “Lin Yan!”

    He Xiong unconsciously marched toward Lin Yan while yelling.

    Lin Yan’s eyes trailed to He Xiong as she sneered coldly. “Do you want to give it a try too?”

    He Xiong was startled when he heard her.

    He knew she wasn’t joking when he saw Lin Yan’s expression.

    He Xiong turned livid as he strode toward He Mingkai.

    After helping He Mingkai up, he glanced coldly at Lin Yan. “Alright, Lin Yan. You will never be able to make a comeback in the He Family team. Don’t even think about stepping on the track for the rest of your life. I will make sure you work hard for the He Family team!”

    Mo Shuyun’s expression faltered slightly.

    He Xiong was in charge of the He Family team. As long as he stayed in the He Family team, He Xiong wouldn’t allow her to enter it.

    “He Xiong, don’t forget that, without Lin Yan, the He Family team wouldn’t have become a top team. If you don’t allow Lin Yan to compete, the He Family team will be crippled,” Mo Shuyun told He Xiong.

    He Xiong, who was full of disdain, sneered coldly. “Do you think the He Family team is still the same?”

    Lin Shuya was the one in charge of the He Family team, which she had invested a huge amount of money into. Only the racers would remain the same.

    Mo Shuyun was about to retort when Lin Yan smiled. “In that case, I shall withdraw from the He Family team.”

    “Withdraw?” He Xiong sneered coldly. “You must think really highly of us… Do you think the He Family team is a place where you can come and go as you please?”

    “Isn’t that so?” asked Lin Yan.

    “Lin Yan, don’t forget that you have signed a contract with the He Family team. You can leave if you want to, but you have to pay a huge compensation. If you compensate us, you can leave,” quipped He Xiong.

    “Compensate you?” Lin Yan glanced at He Xiong. “It’s almost dawn. Aren’t you awake?”

    He was messing with her.

    When some money was in her pocket, that money was hers. She could only stay. No way!

    “Ha ha! Lin Yan, if you don’t want to compensate us, then we will have to follow the legal procedure.” He Xiong sneered coldly.
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