809 The Little Brat of the Test Competition

    In the past, due to the He Family team's lack of members, He Lefeng would most likely race once something happened.

    Whenever the He Family team heard that He Lefeng would be competing, they always wished they could beat him up.

    He Lefeng had become a lucky mascot for his team, yet he never represented victory.

    He Lefeng's previous performance had cast a shadow over He Xiong and He Mingkai. As long as He Lefeng was willing to leave, they would rather pay him money to breach the contract. He Xiong would never dare do anything else. He would throw them a lavish, extravagant celebration as long as he left.

    "You're ruthless." He Lefeng gnashed his teeth as he glared at He Mingkai and He Xiong.

    He had initially been worried about whether he could leave with Lin Yan. Lin Yan didn't have a contract, but he had signed one. Even if He Xiong had wanted to pay her for breaching the contract, he wouldn't have had that much money.

    To He Lefeng's surprise, he was... overthinking this!

    Lin Yan glanced at He Lefeng helplessly. He was willing to pay to send him away. Based on this, she could see how shocked He Lefeng was.

    He Lefeng: the Disaster of the Racing Arena.

    He Lefeng: the Disgrace of the Racing Arena.

    He Lefeng: the Little Brat of the Race.

    Lin Yan considered it a miracle that He Lefeng had become a professional racer.

    He had been able to go through all sorts of rigorous tests easily, although even excellent racers would get a headache when facing strict examinations. However, He Lefeng was different. It seemed as though he had been born for exams.

    All countries, racing arenas, and team examinations were exceedingly strict. The higher the level, the harder it was to pass.

    Even Lin Yan didn't dare claim that she was safe.

    However, He Lefeng was different. He had taken countless tests and performed the best at the fastest time.

    His results and speed had shocked many teams. A few years ago, a team had even spent a huge sum of money to hire He Lefeng, who had just passed the test.

    In the end, it hadn't even been a week before that team had pleaded with their father and grandmother. The team members had almost knelt down and sent He Lefeng back to the He Family team with no injuries. They had blocked their contact number and stopped contacting the He Family team...

    He Lefeng looked like a Buddha during exams. On the racing track, though... he was a pig.

    Lin Yan made a tough decision in the end. She would accept He Lefeng. If she really couldn't make him the lucky mascot of the team, he would be her brother. She would be the one to dote on him.

    "Sister Yan, can I... walk with you?" Yun Xuan, who had been silent all this while, turned to Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan's eyes trailed to him.

    This kid had been duped by Lin Yan into joining the He Family team. After all, he had plenty of potential.

    Lin Yan scrutinized Yun Xuan's expression carefully. When Yun Xuan entered the racing track, he seemed to be in a calm, composed state. He possessed rare talent and was thus completely different from He Lefeng.

    "I... I've been observing. I didn't sign... the contract," Yun Xuan replied softly.

    "Okay." Lin Yan nodded at him.
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