812 Im Playing With You

    Chapter 812: I’m Playing With You

    Usually, only professional racers were qualified to be banned from competitions. However, Lin Yan wasn’t a professional racer. Otherwise, she would have been known in the racing industry.

    “Yeah! Sister, why were you banned by the national racing organization? How come I didn’t know anything?” He Lefeng gazed at Lin Yan as he spoke.

    Lin Yan raised her head and glanced at him. “Who told you that I was banned from competing?”

    Mo Shuyun, Yun Xuan, and the others were stunned.

    He Lefeng slapped his thigh, looking excited. “That’s what I expected!” He smiled and said, “Look! My uncle is lying! How could my sister have been banned by the guild? My uncle is slandering me and sabotaging our team!”

    “I think so too.” Mo Shuyun pinched his chin and nodded.

    Lin Yan’s eyes darted to the two of them before she replied, “I was banned from competitions.”

    Mo Shuyun and He Lefeng froze on the spot, unable to snap out of their shock.

    He Lefeng was in utter disbelief. She hadn’t been banned from competing. She had been banned by some overseas teams…

    “Sister, what is the difference between the two?” He Lefeng glanced at Lin Yan.

    “Hold on, Goddess! Are you joking? Did the racing teams ban you from competing?” Mo Shuyun asked Lin Yan anxiously.

    “Would I joke about this?” Lin Yan replied nonchalantly.

    Mo Shuyun was speechless.

    “Alright, Goddess. Tell me something first. Are you permanently banned from competing, or are you temporarily banned?” Mo Shuyun still harbored a glimmer of hope.

    As long as she wasn’t banned from competing, there would be no problem. What he was most afraid of was that she had been banned from competing permanently.

    “Permanently.” Lin Yan grinned.

    Mo Shuyun was speechless.

    He Lefeng was speechless…

    Yun Xuan was speechless…

    Mo Shuyun and He Lefeng exchanged a glance. She had been banned from competing. How could they laugh?

    “Goddess, aren’t you an actress? Why would you be banned from competing overseas? Did you become a racer overseas?” Mo Shuyun frowned.

    Lin Yan nodded and replied, “I’ve been a racer for some time because I wanted to live abroad.”

    “No wonder…”

    Mo Shuyun fell into deep thought when he heard Lin Yan.

    He had been puzzled by Lin Yan’s ability. She couldn’t have been just an ordinary fan. She had been able to elevate the entire He Family team all by herself and allow them to be promoted to a top team. Based on this, one could see how good Lin Yan was.

    After all, Lin Yan had been a racer overseas for some time before she had become an actress.

    “Goddess, what have you done? Have you been banned by the racing teams overseas?” Mo Shuyun asked curiously.

    Based on his understanding of Lin Yan, Mo Shuyun found it hard to imagine what Lin Yan had done to get banned from the international competition.

    “It’s because I took banned drugs…” Lin Yan didn’t hide it.

    Mo Shuyun was speechless.

    He Lefeng was speechless…

    Yun Xuan was speechless…

    After a long time, the corners of Mo Shuyun’s mouth twitched. He believed that Lin Yan was deliberately teasing him.
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