813 This Is Nonsense

    Chapter 813: This Is Nonsense

    She had taken banned drugs?

    What was the relationship between banned drugs and racing?

    Competitions aside, what was the purpose of taking banned drugs?

    “Sister, did you take banned drugs?” He Lefeng asked solemnly.

    “I’m on He Lefeng’s side this time. Goddess, did you take banned drugs?” Mo Shuyun eyed Lin Yan.

    “Racing… on medicine?” Yun Xuan glanced at He Lefeng and Mo Shuyun in confusion.

    “Yun Xuan, what’s so hard to understand? Racing cars can run faster on banned drugs…” Mo Shuyun chuckled.

    Yun Xuan was speechless…

    He Lefeng gazed at Yun Xuan, looking puzzled. “Isn’t it easy to understand? Racing cars are powerful enough to take banned drugs. They would be even more powerful if a racer took banned drugs. If a racer were to take drugs, they would be able to race as fast as possible. Everyone can understand why a racer would be so excited when she’s taking banned drugs. If she wasn’t so excited while driving, why would she crash her car and bang herself to death?”

    “That’s right. He Lefeng is right.” Mo Shuyun nodded and replied, “I’ve never heard of a racer taking banned drugs before.”

    “This is akin to taking the college entrance examination. Everyone can understand how hard you work. Have you heard of anyone who took banned drugs during the college entrance examination? Could you be aware of the truth after taking banned drugs? This is completely different!” He Lefeng blurted out.

    “Got it.” Yun Xuan nodded.

    He Lefeng’s explanation was easy to understand.

    “It’s like racing by using water. If you added water to the fuel tanks, wouldn’t you be a fool? If you want something, you have to work hard…” He Lefeng reeled off.

    “Errr…” Yun Xuan glanced at He Lefeng. “Brother Feng, you don’t have to explain. I understand.”

    “Goddess, are you kidding me? Did you really take banned drugs?” Mo Shuyun eyed Lin Yan in disbelief.

    “Do you think that’s too much?” Lin Yan grinned.

    “This isn’t just nonsense. This is practically garbage!” Mo Shuyun replied.

    “Yeah, that’s nonsense!” added He Lefeng.

    Actually, even Lin Yan felt that she was being ridiculous, let alone He Lefeng and Mo Shuyun.

    She could accept being banned from competitions, but due to the banned drugs, she had to stop being a racer. Who would have thought that she would be given extra funding?

    However, no matter what, Lin Yan wouldn’t bring this up.

    “In that case, why should we build a team?” He Lefeng was indignant.

    “Of course we can do it,” Lin Yan replied softly. “Although I’ve been banned from competing, I can’t be banned from being a boss. This has nothing to do with the ban.”

    “Yeah, you’re right. The competition won’t be up to the racers… Sigh… Goddess, are you joking? What’s the use of building a new team if you can’t compete?” Mo Shuyun suddenly felt that something was amiss.

    Lin Yan was valuable on the racing track!

    She didn’t seem fit to be a boss.

    “It’s fine. I have my own plans.” Lin Yan chuckled softly.

    Since Lin Yan had said that, Mo Shuyun naturally didn’t want to say anything.
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