814 Sorry For Entering the Wrong Room

    "Oh yeah, the team would need a lot of money. Sister, do you have that much money?" He Lefeng glanced at Lin Yan.

    "I don't have money." Lin Yan shook her head. "I'm looking for investors."

    She could do anything she wanted, but she needed money first.

    "I forgot. I'm going to look for He Xiong now. I will withdraw my investment and invest in our new team!" Mo Shuyun replied hurriedly.

    He had invested a lot of money in the He Family team. Now that they had decided to leave, he had to get that money back.

    "Don't." Lin Yan shook her head hastily. "Are you dumb? The He Family team is now a top-notch team, and Lin Shuya's team is in charge of it... Your investment can make you a lot of money. If you take back the investment, you'll just be getting an egg... We will instead wait for the chicken to lay more eggs. In that case, we will get a lot of money every month to build our team."

    Mo Shuyun, who was taken aback by Lin Yan's response, gave her a thumbs-up in reply.


    Earlier on, Mo Shuyun had assumed that Lin Yan wasn't the boss. However, Mo Shuyun now realized that he had been wrong. She was really pretentious!

    How dare she use the He Family team to support her new team? What was she doing?

    "Oh yeah. Xiaofeng, Mo Shuyun, go look for a venue and office space in the next two days. They are necessary for the team," replied Lin Yan.

    "Alright, leave that to me." He Lefeng nodded.

    The three of them left.


    Later, at Cloud Manor...

    Lin Yan returned to her room but was dumbfounded when she entered it.

    She remembered that her room had been rather messy before she had left the house. However, now that she was back, it was clean and tidy.

    The orange kitten and Ragdoll shrieked upon seeing Lin Yan.

    Before she'd left, the food bowl had been empty.

    Lin Yan realized that the bowl was now full...

    Her smile froze in place.


    The cat litter was being used by the kitten. This wasn't food!

    Who had done this?

    What kind of idiot had placed the cat litter into the bowl?

    What was the black liquid in the kitten's water bowl?

    Lin Yan darted forward and used her fingers to touch the tip of her nose.

    The corners of Lin Yan's mouth twitched.

    She finally knew what the dark liquid inside the water bowl was...

    Who had placed the damned cat litter and the damned cola into the food and water bowls?

    It was no wonder the kitten had cried out in pain.

    Lin Yan studied the kitten's fur, which was covered in cat litter and cola.

    She reckoned that the two animals had treated the cat litter as food. As a result, she felt that something was amiss...

    Lin Yan rose and walked to the bathroom.

    She cleaned up the two cats while she picked up the cola and cat litter.

    When she opened the bathroom door, she froze completely.

    Mist was swirling around in the bathroom.

    Lin Yan could vaguely make out his slender figure. However, she couldn't see him clearly due to the mist.

    Lin Yan's mind went blank for a moment.

    "Sorry, I entered the wrong room!" Lin Yan said hastily.

    Just as she was about to turn around and leave, a pair of hands grabbed her arm.

    Lin Yan instinctively tried to dodge, but the mist dissipated.

    A man in a bathrobe appeared before her.
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