816 Sleeping Here

    Chapter 816: Sleeping Here

    The kittens glanced at Pei Yucheng, looking aggrieved.

    “Mr. Pei, the cat’s sand and the cola in the water… Did you do that?” Lin Yan probed cautiously.

    Pei Yucheng went mysteriously silent for a long time.

    He then glanced at the bowl and the water, which had been replaced.

    “It wasn’t me.” Pei Yucheng denied it completely.

    Lin Yan heaved a sigh of relief.

    “I thought that you wouldn’t do something like that either… Who was it?” Lin Yan contemplated this quietly.

    “Don’t even think about it,” Pei Yucheng replied. “It was Pei Yutang.”

    Lin Yan was speechless…

    “It really was him!”

    Lin Yan didn’t hesitate or suspect anything. She instinctively believed Pei Yucheng’s words.

    If Pei Yutang was the one who had done this, Lin Yan wouldn’t feel awkward or surprised at all. It was as though Pei Yutang existed to do bizarre things.

    Lin Yan whipped out her phone to text Pei Yutang.

    She quickly typed a message. “Young man, you’re dead meat.”

    Pei Yutang replied shortly.

    Dodging Lightning and Wind: “???”

    Lin Yan said, “Just you wait.”

    Dodging Lightning and Wind: “Huh?”

    Lin Yan replied, “Scram!”

    Dodging Lightning and Wind: “Huh????”

    Lin Yan couldn’t be bothered to waste her breath on Pei Yutang. When he returned, she would have to give him a lesson to show him what the cat litter was for.

    “Are you sleepy?”

    Pei Yucheng gazed at Lin Yan and chuckled softly.

    “A little…” Lin Yan nodded and replied, “Mr. Pei, are you going back?”

    “I’ll be right here,” answered Pei Yucheng.

    Lin Yan stared at him in a daze.

    Had she misheard what Pei Yucheng had said earlier? Why was he still there?

    “I’ll sleep here tonight,” added Pei Yucheng.

    Lin Yan was certain that she had heard correctly. Pei Yucheng hadn’t said something else.

    Lin Yan felt her heart race wildly.

    What was going on?

    She was totally mentally unprepared!

    What if that damned pervert possessed her? Would Pei Yucheng be in trouble tonight?

    What a sin!

    Pei Yucheng turned off the lights and turned on the bedside lamp.

    His eyes roved over Lin Yan as he chuckled softly. “Come here.”

    Lin Yan unconsciously shook her head so quickly that she almost shook it off.

    “No, no, no! Mr. Pei, I like to kick off the blankets at night. It will affect your sleep quality…” Lin Yan hurriedly quipped, “I shall sleep on the couch!”

    Yes, she loved the couch. She would feel uncomfortable if she didn’t sleep on the couch.

    “It’s fine. It won’t affect me.” Pei Yucheng grinned at Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan was speechless…

    She was being nice to Pei Yucheng!

    One of them was lusting after Pei Yucheng’s consciousness. The scariest thing was that this alter ego could be attached to her body. If that happened… Lin Yan no longer dared to dwell on it.

    She was puzzled as well. Why would Pei Yucheng sleep with her all of a sudden? This was really terrifying!
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