820 Im So Afraid

    Chapter 820: I’m So Afraid

    Lin Yan was momentarily stunned by the scene.

    She had been really kind all these years. She had helped more than a thousand people, so how could she have enemies?

    Who would be scared to death if there was such a huge crowd?

    “Don’t move!”

    One of the shadowy figures approached Lin Yan and gazed at her coldly.


    Lin Yan didn’t waste any time talking before throwing a punch at the black shadow’s nose.

    The black shadow took several steps back.

    “You’re an *sshole,” Lin Yan hissed coldly as she eyed the black shadow.

    The dark figure stood behind her and rubbed its nose before looking at the blood on its hand.

    This woman… How dare she hit its nose! Had she even bled?

    “You damned woman! How dare you hit my nose!” The black shadow gritted its teeth. “You are in trouble.”

    “Don’t come near me!”

    Lin Yan gazed at the murderous figure and took two steps back.

    “Are you afraid now?” The black figure sneered coldly when it saw Lin Yan looking terrified.

    The black shadow had just approached Lin Yan when she punched its left eye.

    With a loud bang, the black figure stumbled backward.

    “I told you not to come near me…” Lin Yan eyed the black shadow intently.

    The corners of the dark figure’s mouth twitched. This woman… Was she messing with him? She looked really scared!

    “Attack together!”

    The black figure addressed the crowd.

    “I have no feud with you, yet you want to hurt me… Don’t come here…”

    Lin Yan was startled when she saw the men charging over at her.

    “If you resist, you will die!”

    One of the black shadows yelled.

    Lin Yan darted forward and punched the black figure’s face.


    The black shadow flew away.

    Lin Yan yelled, “Don’t come near me!”

    The rest of the dark figures glanced at each other.

    This woman… Was she…


    One of the black figures looking at each other suddenly got punched by Lin Yan and followed the man’s footsteps.

    “Don’t you dare come near me!” yelled Lin Yan.

    The black figure struggled to get up, as though it had been hit by a huge hammer. Its head seemed to be in a daze as it stared at Lin Yan indignantly. “I… I didn’t even move!”



    One of the figures was hit by Lin Yan, while another was slapped by her. Only one of them had been slapped.

    “Are you nuts?”

    “We… Are we moving?”

    The black figure gazed at Lin Yan in shock.

    How could this be possible? The device had displayed her level. She shouldn’t have such a combat power. This woman was like a hammer!

    Even if the shadow didn’t die, it would be crippled.

    If it had known this, the guild would have sent more experts to complete this mission.


    Pei Yucheng strolled over to Lin Yan slowly.

    “Mr. Pei, I’m so scared…” Lin Yan hid behind Pei Yucheng pitifully like a kitten.

    Pei Yucheng’s eyes roved over the floor.

    “Ouch… My nose broke…”

    “My front teeth…”

    “Where is my ear? Did she pull off my ear? Why can I feel nothing?”

    “You crazy woman… Don’t come closer…”

    Pei Yucheng was speechless…
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