821 Does Your Hand Hurt?

    Chapter 821: Does Your Hand Hurt?

    More than ten men in black glared at Lin Yan furiously. If looks could kill, Lin Yan would have been hacked to pieces.

    This woman was completely out of her mind.

    She had looked as though she was afraid of them, but in the end, she was the most ruthless one!

    She had insisted that they should not go over. She looked more like a weak woman, yet in the end…

    No one moved at all. She had struck the first person she had seen. Her fists were like metal hammers, and she had cost this person half their life.

    The most puzzling thing was that ever since this woman had displayed the combat power of a hammer, they had stopped moving forward…

    The woman had been terrified as she’d yelled for them to stay away from her. Then, she had chased after them and punched them like a hammer…

    What was wrong with this world?

    Although she was as strong as a hammer, she appeared really frail in front of this man…

    Was this woman an actress?

    She seemed to be an actress…


    Pei Yucheng turned around to face Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan stretched her hand forward in confusion.

    Pei Yucheng gently took Lin Yan’s hand and stroked it. “Does it hurt?”

    “Hmm…” Lin Yan nodded, looking aggrieved.

    The man in black was speechless.

    The second man in black was speechless…

    The third man in black was speechless…

    The man in black with the crippled leg was speechless…

    They were there to complete their mission, not to eat dog food!

    Was there a law?

    How could this be tolerated?

    They had almost been beaten to death, alright? Why was this man asking this woman if her hand… hurt?

    A second later, the man turned around. A pair of bone-chilling eyes swept past the group of people who had been knocked to the ground by Lin Yan. His voice was as cold as ice as he said, “Apologize.”

    All the men in black were left speechless.

    Had this man been poisoned?

    Was he unaware of the situation?

    Had he been bewitched by this woman?

    Who should they apologize to?

    However, against the man’s indescribable power, the man in black whose front teeth had been smashed said, “Sorry… My teeth hit your hand…”

    The man in black whose ears had been ripped off said, “I’m sorry. Your fingers must have gotten tired.”

    The man in black whose nose had been smashed said, “I was at fault. My nose tainted your hand.”

    Another man in black stood up hurriedly and limped forward. He picked up a pair of shoes that Lin Yan had accidentally kicked him with. “Sister, your shoes…”

    Lin Yan put on her shoes and scanned the crowd. “Who are you exactly? Why are you here?”

    “I was just telling you that we belong to the Hunter’s Guild. As for why we are here, we won’t tell you even if we die!” the black figure whose nose had been cut off shouted anxiously.

    Hunter’s Guild?

    Lin Yan frowned when she heard that.

    “Can we… Can we leave now?”

    One of the men in black cast a terrified look at Pei Yucheng.

    Pei Yucheng shot them a fleeting glance, as though he wasn’t interested in talking to them at all.

    “Let’s go. No matter who you are, don’t come to bully me next time. I’m not an easy target,” Lin Yan said coldly.

    Everyone exchanged a look.

    What had this woman said?

    Bully her?

    They swore that they would never see this woman again!
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