822 Misty

    Chapter 822: Misty

    “Big Brother…”

    One of the dark shadows looked indignant while striding away. He then turned to Pei Yucheng and said, “Please don’t be fooled by this woman. She is really strong. Her hands are like hammers. She is not weak at all.”

    Lin Yan’s eyes widened in fury as she glared at the man.

    She then glanced at Pei Yucheng, looking aggrieved. “It’s not like that… That man’s teeth bumped into my hand… He knocked his teeth off and someone broke his nose…”

    Pei Yucheng was speechless…

    “Do your knees hurt?” he asked gently.

    “They do!” Lin Yan nodded furiously.

    “Do they still hurt?” Pei Yucheng massaged Lin Yan’s knees gently.

    “They don’t anymore!” replied Lin Yan.

    The man in black whose nose had been broken was on the verge of collapsing. The corners of his mouth twitched as though he wanted to say something. Finally, he said, “Big Brother, Big Sister, goodbye.”


    After the men in black helped each other out of the mansion, Lin Yan eyed Pei Yucheng intently. “Mr. Pei, did you know that someone was looking for trouble?”

    Lin Yan felt that Pei Yucheng had been acting weird that day.

    First of all, he had dismissed all the people in the villa and moved into her room. Why did this feel weird?

    “Go to bed early. They won’t be coming soon.”

    Pei Yucheng didn’t answer Lin Yan’s question. He merely touched the tip of her nose.

    When Pei Yucheng walked in the direction of the study, Lin Yan unconsciously blurted out, “Mr. Pei, are you not coming to my room?”

    Lin Yan felt that something was amiss the moment she said that.

    No… This wasn’t her. That lecher must have spoken!

    Pei Yucheng didn’t turn around. The corners of his mouth curled up slightly as he replied softly, “You should rest early. Of course, if you insist.”

    Lin Yan hurriedly added, “Mr. Pei, you should rest early too…”


    When she returned to her room, she stared at the bed and fell into deep thought.

    What was up with the Hunter’s Guild? Why would they cause her trouble?

    Lin Yan then recalled something.

    Earlier, she had met a group of people by the beach near the He Family’s old mansion. They had seemed to be the members of some kind of clan.

    Lin Yan remembered that she had taught those people a good lesson.

    Could the Hunter’s Guild have been plotting to take revenge on her?

    The possibility of that happening wasn’t very high, but it didn’t mean that it was non-existent.

    It was a pity that it was already late at night. Otherwise, she would have been able to find Ling Yue and ask her about the situation. Given Ling Yue’s capability, it shouldn’t have been too difficult for her to investigate.

    She could only ask Ling Yue about the situation tomorrow.

    Lin Yan realized that ever since she had returned to the country, she had increasingly more questions.

    Many people had admitted their mistakes. First, Ling Yue. Then, the man who had treated the parrot as his pet, who had claimed that he owed him 10 billion yuan. Even the so-called Hunter’s Guild had apologized.

    Plus, there was an existence that could control her body.

    She repeatedly tried to turn a new page, but she couldn’t even discover her brother’s whereabouts.


    Initially, she had wanted to go to the racing track tomorrow morning. However, she discovered that Pei Yucheng’s book was still in her room.

    Out of curiosity, Lin Yan picked up the book.
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