823 Change

    Chapter 823: Change

    When Lin Yan opened the first page of the book, she was slightly shocked.

    This book was a manual, and the content was filled with records.

    Lin Yan realized that the handwriting didn’t belong to the same person. There were at least ten different lines of handwriting.

    “This thing can’t be a family heirloom, right?” Lin Yan stared at the book as she fell into deep thought.

    This book had been passed down to at least ten people, and the original handwriting seemed a little blurry due to its age. In contrast, the more recent handwriting was clearer.

    Of course, Lin Yan wasn’t interested in the book’s history. She was merely curious about the content.

    She didn’t shut her eyes the entire night, yet she only read about ten percent of the book.

    The changes recorded in the book weren’t as hard to accept as Lin Yan had thought. However, it seemed a little exhausting, and she couldn’t comprehend much.

    By now, Lin Yan had gradually accepted the fact that humans could evolve.

    The term “evolved” wasn’t limited to theory. There might already be many evolved humans in the world.

    The Hunter’s Guild was also mentioned in the book.

    It had been established a long time ago, and its main goal was to capture humans and make them evolve.

    As Pei Yucheng had said, there were two types of human evolution. The first was a pure-blooded evolution and adaptation, while the other was an evolved version of a brain or gene.

    There were also three or six other superpowers among the evolved and most respected species, but the human race ranked the lowest among them. The goal of the Hunter’s Guild was to capture low-ranking and powerful beings.

    According to the book, the famous magician of a country had created an amazing magic trick without any supporting tools. He had hovered about 1,000 meters in the air before tens of thousands of people and hadn’t landed for an hour.

    Soon, the magician had been captured by the Hunter’s Guild.

    This was just one of thousands of cases. This so-called magician’s title was merely a cover. In essence, he was a real evolved person.

    The reason he had been able to float in the air wasn’t because of magic, but because he had developed a certain ability.

    As for what kind of ability he possessed, there was no record of it.

    Lin Yan guessed that it was the ability to evolve in terms of matter or gravity.

    Early in the morning, she rubbed her eyes and set the book aside.

    Books introduced many evolved people, including the biggest magicians of the century.

    Lin Yan was amazed by the wisdom of ancient people.

    As the saying goes, this wasn’t a modern era. The source could be traced back to ancient times.

    Lin Yan was starting to doubt herself.

    If humans could evolve, then what was she? Was she an ordinary person or something else?

    Lin Yan had never forgotten the darkness of the laboratory.

    Ever since she and her brother had been brought to that laboratory, she had been filled with endless fear and gloom.

    She would even wake up from her dreams when she was asleep.
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