824 Pei Yuchengs Gaze

    Chapter 824: Pei Yucheng’s Gaze

    Lin Yan still remembered that she had been unconscious in the laboratory. When she had woken up, she had been on a cold metal bed. Various instruments and equipment that she couldn’t recognize had been constantly beeping around her.

    Lin Yan had always wondered what the research laboratory was for.

    However, she was now starting to think. Could she possibly use the book to transform from an ordinary person into an evolved person?

    After she had escaped from the laboratory, Lin Yan’s body had indeed changed drastically.

    First of all, she now had the capability to learn. She had been able to catch a glimpse of it, yet she hadn’t forgotten it. Other than that, she had become immensely powerful.

    Lin Yan guessed that she might be a low-ranking human who had transformed from a supporting character to a protagonist. If that was the case, it would explain why the Hunter’s Guild had tried to cause her trouble.

    According to the book, the Hunter’s Guild was very powerful and there were many other experts.

    However, Lin Yan had met three members of the Hunter’s Guild. These people had been recruited by the Hunter’s Guild, but they weren’t as good as the records stated.

    The Hunter’s Guild had declined long ago, or maybe her level was too low and the Hunter’s Guild hadn’t taken her seriously. That was why they had not sent most of their members to capture her. Lin Yan did not understand.


    She lay on the bed, deep in thought. After some time, she suddenly opened her eyes, thinking of something that had troubled her for a long time.

    Could the female lecher who was attached to her… also be an evolved being?

    All this time, Lin Yan had assumed that something had gone wrong.

    If a human being could possess another person’s ability, that would be too heaven-defying…

    This ability could dominate the lives of others.

    If a person possessed someone else’s heart, they would pin the knife against their enemy’s neck. If they were to cut it with a knife…

    Lin Yan’s scalp went numb at this thought.

    This was an almost invincible, perverted ability.

    However, after some time, Lin Yan felt that something was amiss.

    She had never offended such a terrifying woman. Logically speaking, she shouldn’t have been possessed.

    Lin Yan suddenly realized something.

    If an evolved woman had possessed her, she must have coveted Pei Yucheng’s beauty. She was merely a tool for that lecher.

    She had not possessed her because she had a feud with Pei Yucheng, but because she wanted to get him!

    Lin Yan furrowed her eyebrows. She had fallen for someone else’s boyfriend and she wanted to have him. What a shameless lecher!

    When that lecher possessed her again, Lin Yan would have to talk to her.

    This perverted method was too foolish. Why would she want to get close to Pei Yucheng? Why would she need to possess her body? She could do whatever she wanted to get close to him. She could even be intimate with him!

    Suddenly, an image of a wolf appeared in Lin Yan’s mind…

    Lin Yan shuddered in fear. She hadn’t used her wits at all. No way… She couldn’t let that lecher know about this method. Otherwise, her reputation would be ruined.

    Lin Yan could also imagine that if that lecher were to fall for Pei Yucheng and Pei Nanxu or Pei Yutang were to bump into them, they would be gazing at her…
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