825 She Was Not Interested In Money

    Chapter 825: She Was Not Interested In Money

    However, to be honest, the ability to possess people was truly admirable.

    Lin Yan began to envy this ability.

    If she had the capability, she could have attached herself to someone else and kept the money in their pockets. She couldn’t do that, though!

    Or perhaps she could possess her boss and increase her salary ten times… No, increasing her salary a hundred times should be her priority!

    Lin Yan’s face turned crimson instantly. Sigh… This wasn’t the right idea. She could never be so shameless. Money couldn’t ensure life and death. It was as if she was floating on clouds… That was what she was like.

    She wasn’t interested in money. Life was all about love for her, not about money…

    As Lin Yan was contemplating this, He Lefeng called her.

    Lin Yan answered. “Speak.”

    He Lefeng replied, “Sister, you’re really cold to me. I’m sad. Can you stop talking to me? You can’t say anything!”

    Lin Yan replied, “Go ahead.”

    He Lefeng was speechless… He had no idea why, but he wanted to bang his head against the wall and die.

    “Sister, the venue is ready. A few of us are coming. Let’s gather up!” He Lefeng replied.

    Lin Yan nodded.

    He Lefeng had indeed been swift and decisive, which was totally unlike his personality. He had made the arrangements yesterday and made it clear that there were at least some highlights in his life.

    “What’s the lowest price?” Lin Yan hastily interjected.

    “Oh… It’s not much…” He Lefeng replied without giving a number.

    Lin Yan replied, “One year?”

    He Lefeng replied, “One month!”

    Lin Yan said, “No.”

    “Sister, I’m not the boss. It’s useless even if you tell me so. Come out and meet us. Let’s talk. Money doesn’t matter when it’s about life or death. Money isn’t that important,” replied He Lefeng hastily.

    Lin Yan pondered quietly to herself. “Then… How about you pay?”

    He Lefeng was speechless…

    “Sister, I’ve thought about it carefully. This price is indeed too shameless. Let’s go and talk. We can talk if there is nothing else to do.” He Lefeng wiped the perspiration off his face.

    What a joke! Even if he wanted to pay, he could eat sh*t. How could he pay?

    He Lefeng’s career was his life, and he had joined the racing industry to earn money.


    Lin Yan ended the call and got out of bed to wash up. She then drove to the place where she had agreed to meet He Lefeng.

    He Lefeng and Mo Shuyun had been waiting outside a club for a long time.

    “Sister, this venue isn’t bad, right?” He Lefeng grinned at Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan sized the place up.

    It was a racing club, so the venue was quite good. However, Lin Yan couldn’t accept it.

    Half a year of rent was akin to half her life. A year of rent was her whole life.

    The place would be rented for three years. She was sorry, but her life wouldn’t be enough.

    The boss was a young man, so Lin Yan and the others spent more than an hour talking to each other. The young man didn’t give them any money.

    Lin Yan had no choice but to give up on the venue and switch to another one.

    The whole morning, Lin Yan kept searching for venues with He Lefeng and Mo Shuyun, but the prices were too high.
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