826 Boss, Are You Here?

    Chapter 826: Boss, Are You Here?

    Lin Yan felt rather helpless. It was too hard to be a boss. She had to change career and start anew as though this had never even commenced…

    “Damn it!” He Lefeng lashed out. “These people are really shameless! How could the market be that expensive? They have so much money! I despise everyone!”

    Lin Yan’s hostile eyes landed on He Lefeng.

    He Lefeng replied, “Except me and my sister!”

    Lin Yan gave He Lefeng a thumbs-up. “Brother, when it comes to the standards of the international racing industry…”

    He Lefeng asked, “I’m a standard trademark of the international racing industry?”

    Lin Yan replied, “No, you are a perfect example of double standards.”

    He Lefeng was speechless…

    “I agree. A single cent is enough to drive a hero to death. It’s a pity that all my money has been invested in the He Family team. Otherwise, I would have dared to rent one of the buildings on these streets,” Mo Shuyun replied.

    Lin Yan’s eyes lit up when she heard Mo Shuyun.

    “What about that building? Captain, are you kidding me? That wouldn’t be enough to sell you on this. I remember a fool who bought an entire building just to create a virtual reality game company. In the end, there were no clients. Ha ha ha!” He Lefeng chuckled aloud.

    “Why are you laughing?” Mo Shuyun glanced at He Lefeng. “One can buy an entire building.”

    He Lefeng replied, “That guy had no clients…”

    Mo Shuyun replied, “One can buy a building!”

    He Lefeng was speechless…

    Mo Shuyun asked, “So what are you laughing at?”

    He Lefeng was speechless…

    Mo Shuyun replied, “What a silly comment!”

    He Lefeng replied, “I suddenly feel sad.”

    “Let’s go.”

    Lin Yan felt energized instantly.

    “Sister, where are we going?” asked He Lefeng.

    “I’m going to take you to look for that fool.” Lin Yan didn’t even turn her head.


    Lin Yan, He Lefeng, and the others arrived at a building.

    “Virtual reality game company.”

    “F*ck…” He Lefeng glanced at Lin Yan in surprise. “Sister, are you serious? You want to rent one of these buildings?”

    Lin Yan nodded. “Why can’t I?”

    He Lefeng replied, “Sister, I’m not looking down on you, but you can’t afford to rent any of these venues. If you rent them, I’ll crawl on the floor like a parasite.”

    Mo Shuyun glanced at He Lefeng. “I’ll ask you to play music.”

    Lin Yan didn’t have time to respond. Instead, she sent a text to her boss.

    “Boss, are you there?”

    A moment later, she received a reply.

    “Is it pay time?” her boss asked.

    Lin Yan was speechless…

    She replied, “Boss, I’m not here to ask you for my salary. I have something to discuss with you. Are you at the company? I’m here.”

    Her boss replied, “Okay.”

    Hadn’t she said that she was going overseas on a business trip? Was she back so soon?

    Lin Yan led He Lefeng and Mo Shuyun to the building.

    “It’s such a huge place, but the doors are closed every day. It’s not open for business…”

    He Lefeng stood outside the building, looking at the tightly-shut door as he sighed to himself. He couldn’t comprehend the thoughts of a wealthy man.

    “Let’s go. The building isn’t open yet. We need a password to enter,” quipped He Lefeng.

    Lin Yan entered the password and opened the door.

    She stepped inside the building before she saw He Lefeng’s blank expression. “Let’s go.”

    Mo Shuyun replied, “I’m sorry, but you haven’t come in. Didn’t you hear your sister’s phone call earlier? She is working in the building, so it’s normal for her to know the password.”
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