827 A White Wolf

    Chapter 827: A White Wolf

    He Lefeng glanced at Lin Yan in surprise. He had never imagined that his cousin would be that dumb man’s employee.

    “Oh my god! Is she joking? How could my sister be working here? That fool is so extravagant! She wants to be an actress!” He Lefeng blurted out in shock.

    He Lefeng walked over to Lin Yan. “Sister, what are you doing here?”

    “I’m a translator,” Lin Yan replied honestly.

    “A translator?”

    He Lefeng surveyed Lin Yan suspiciously.

    Lin Yan had been overseas for many years, so she had indeed learned a few languages. However, words were not a piece of cake. Would she be able to understand them?

    “Can’t I do that?” asked Lin Yan.

    “Be a translator?” He Lefeng stroked his chin in confusion.

    “Yes, a translator!” Lin Yan rolled her eyes at He Lefeng.

    “Goddess, let’s ignore this nonsense. Let’s talk about more serious stuff. Even if this is your boss’ building, the rent shouldn’t be cheap.” Mo Shuyun glanced at Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan fell deep in thought.

    She didn’t know if it would be cheap, but at least her boss was generous. She should be able to negotiate with him. For instance, she could pay him in installments.

    Most importantly, she had contributed greatly with her job as a translator. Even if she didn’t contribute, she would still work hard.

    Lin Yan led Mo Shuyun and He Lefeng to the man’s office.

    “Hello, Boss.”

    Lin Yan grinned at the man.

    “Who are these two?”

    The man’s eyes trailed to Mo Shuyun and He Lefeng.

    “Boss, this is my brother, He Lefeng, and my friend, Mo Shuyun,” Lin Yan explained.

    The man fell silent for some time before he nodded.

    “Hi, Boss. I’m He Lefeng. We have something to say.” He Lefeng approached him with a grin.

    The man studied He Lefeng in confusion before he turned to Lin Yan. “You were in such a hurry to see me. Did you encounter any difficulties?”

    Lin Yan was speechless…

    Why would she look for him only when she was in trouble?

    “Boss, I have some business to discuss with you.” Lin Yan grinned.

    Mo Shuyun sized up the man silently.

    He wasn’t acting like a normal wealthy man. He had an imposing aura. If Mo Shuyun was different, he would have been under immense pressure.

    Mo Shuyun was curious to know how Lin Yan knew this man. She had even become an employee at the man’s company.

    “Boss, look at this building. It’s mostly empty. My friends and I have been planning to form a team recently… We are currently lacking an office space and a training ground…” Lin Yan grinned at the man.

    The man took a sip of water. “And?”

    Lin Yan cut across swiftly. “Boss, I want to rent one of the floors of your building…”

    The man fell silent. “Oh.”

    Lin Yan was speechless…

    What was he trying to say? He didn’t seem interested.

    “Boss, you’re such a shrewd businessman. Would you like to invest in our team? The venue cost will be a part of your investment… I’m sure you won’t regret it. You will pay me back ten times as much as you currently are!” Lin Yan grinned at him.

    He Lefeng and Mo Shuyun glanced at Lin Yan in surprise.
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