828 Which Car Do You Prefer To Drive?

    This This wasnt a rental office space. They were here to get something!

    How could Lin Yan not pay a single cent at such a luxurious venue? Did she really think that this man was an idiot?

    How could they afford to buy such a building? Werent they in need of money? Did they look like fools? How could they invest? How could they use the venue by paying a deposit? Was this man dumb?

    Sure, the man replied without hesitation.

    He Lefeng was speechless

    Mo Shuyun was speechless.

    Hold on. Is this man really a fool? Or am I dreaming? He Lefeng pulled Mo Shuyun aside and whispered, Captain, slap me! Check if Im dreaming!


    Mo Shuyun slapped He Lefeng.

    Is this a dream? Mo Shuyun asked curiously.

    He Lefeng covered his face and gazed at Mo Shuyun in confusion. Captain, are you serious?

    Mo Shuyun glanced at He Lefeng expressionlessly. I know everything and Im really willing to help.

    He Lefeng replied, It hurts a little.

    Mo Shuyun nodded. Thats great. Its not a dream then.

    The corners of He Lefengs mouth twitched. He had no idea why but he wanted to slap Mo Shuyun.

    He Lefeng glanced at Mo Shuyuns body. After some contemplation, he smiled at him. Captain, be gentle next time.

    Lin Yan gazed at the man in astonishment.

    It had never occurred to Lin Yan that her boss would agree so readily without hesitation.

    His positive answer disrupted Lin Yans train of thought. She had thought of countless ways to convince her boss, yet she had no use for them now.

    However, I have a condition, the man replied.

    A condition?

    Lin Yan sneered coldly. Even a hundred conditions wouldnt be a problem.

    My racing skills are good. You know that, the man replied.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. Boss, your racing skills are on par with professional racers. Lin Yan nodded fervently.

    She just wanted free venue sponsors. He wouldnt be able to beat Yeva even if everyone praised him for being good at racing.

    Hmm. The man nodded and added, Heres my condition: I want to join your new team. I want to be in the C position. I will race first.

    The smile on Lin Yans face froze.

    Mo Shuyun, Xiaofeng Lets go. Lin Yan stood up.

    He wanted to race first. Was there even a need for her team to exist then? This mans driving skills could only be described as disastrous. He could only drive and crash into another car

    If she really agreed to his terms, he might just end the race and kill a few more racers. In fact, he might even die during the race if he crashed into the other racers. How could he survive?

    No, that wouldnt do! No way!

    Boss, are you playing games? You have a bright future!

    Mo Shuyun suddenly understood what Lin Yan meant.

    Given Lin Yans personality, she could reject him resolutely. This mans driving skills must have shocked her deeply. Hence, she turned around and left without hesitation.

    I prefer to drive, replied the man.

    What kind of car? He Lefeng asked unconsciously.

    The man glanced at He Lefeng silently.
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