829 Brillian

    Chapter 829: Brilliant

    “Boss, why don’t you invest more money to become the boss of our team and manage a large number of racers? That would be great…” Mo Shuyun eyed the man and nodded readily.

    “Am I not clear enough?” The man glanced at Mo Shuyun.

    Although the man didn’t move, Mo Shuyun broke out in cold sweat.

    Mo Shuyun immediately shut his mouth, not daring to utter another word.

    “Boss, I’m sorry… I was thinking of something else. I don’t want the venue anymore,” Lin Yan replied helplessly.

    “Really?” the man asked.

    “Yeah!” Lin Yan replied firmly.

    She then turned around and left with Mo Shuyun and He Lefeng.

    “There is a huge venue at the back of the building. There are about 15 clubs there that are mine. They can be used for training,” the man replied casually.

    Lin Yan, who had just stepped out of the office, was taken aback.

    Her leg was raised in the air.

    “Boss, welcome to the Aurora team!”

    Lin Yan was smiling wide as she stepped forward to shake hands with the man.

    “Okay,” replied the man.

    “Boss, do you want more than a dozen racers?” Lin Yan grinned in amusement.

    “No, I don’t,” the man replied, looking stoic.

    Lin Yan was really shameless…

    “Then… Boss, why don’t you take us to the venue? Which floor can we use?” Mo Shuyun hurried forward.

    Mo Shuyun felt as though he was dreaming. This man was too easy to talk to.

    He was such a wealthy man and he possessed a terrifying aura. How could he be a fool? Could he be interested in his goddess?

    In the blink of an eye, Mo Shuyun had a ridiculous idea.

    A man of this level should not have been seduced by her looks.

    Why would this man agree to Lin Yan’s ridiculous request? He even wanted to give them a training ground.

    Did he really think that the team would bring him immense benefits?

    “I reckon that this fool really likes racing. He is really obsessed!” He Lefeng whispered to Mo Shuyun.

    “Do I look like a fool? You seem to be calling me one.”

    The man turned to He Lefeng.

    He Lefeng was shocked.

    How good was this man’s hearing?

    He was miles away from him and he had been talking to Mo Shuyun quietly. How could he have heard him?

    Even a cat’s ears weren’t so sharp.

    “No, no, no!” He Lefeng hurriedly shook his head. “Boss, I didn’t say that you’re a fool. I meant…”

    He Lefeng instinctively glanced at Lin Yan and Mo Shuyun. After some hesitation, he pointed at Mo Shuyun and said, “Boss, I was talking about him. He is an idiot!”

    “Boss, I’m sorry… Please don’t blame me. My brother’s brain hasn’t developed properly, so it is a little…” Lin Yan pointed awkwardly at her head.

    “Let’s go take a look at the venue.”

    The man stood up without a word.

    “Just you wait, little thief.” Mo Shuyun sneered at He Lefeng.

    He Lefeng was speechless…

    The man led Lin Yan and the others to the outskirts of the building.

    Mo Shuyun and He Lefeng were excited when they saw the huge venue.
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