830 A Tale

    Chapter 830: A Tale

    It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that they had the most luxurious venue in the country!

    Who would believe that a newly-established team could have such an office and training ground?

    “Other than my floor, you can use any other space,” replied the man.

    “Thank you, Boss!” Lin Yan was grateful.

    She had been knocked down by this man for nothing.

    “Boss, you’re really smart. Our team won’t disappoint you!” Mo Shuyun hurried forward to fawn over him.

    “Oh yeah.” The man turned to Mo Shuyun and asked, “Are all of you professional racers?”

    “Yeah!” He Lefeng nodded.

    “Let’s compete here and see who is stronger,” the man said.

    Lin Yan suddenly became nervous.

    Given his skills, who could he beat? He might not even beat He Lefeng after a few rounds. Why did he have to humiliate himself?

    However, this man had a personality flaw. She couldn’t say that his driving skills were bad, and she couldn’t beat him either. Otherwise, the consequences would be dire.

    “Sure. Let’s have a taste of your strength.” Mo Shuyun smiled.

    Lin Yan was speechless. She didn’t want to die!

    “It’s not convenient. We don’t have any cars here. Let’s wait for another chance,” Lin Yan replied hastily.

    “Yeah, we aren’t racing,” quipped He Lefeng.

    “It’s fine,” the man replied. “I have cars.”

    The man glanced at a row of cars in the distance and replied, “Make your own choice.”


    He Lefeng followed the man’s gaze and realized that there was a row of cars.

    What kind of cars were those?

    He could buy half a team with just one car!

    Although He Lefeng was a professional racer, he had never raced with such a car before.

    Even Mo Shuyun’s eyes turned red. Every single one of these cars was a dream for him.

    “Boss, your car collection is really awesome!” Mo Shuyun exclaimed excitedly.

    Lin Yan furrowed her eyebrows. “That’s all?”

    She glanced at the man. “Boss, do you want these cars to be your assets? The boss’ position will be yours…”

    He Lefeng was speechless…

    Mo Shuyun was speechless.

    So, this was it?

    The man didn’t seem to be interested in being the team’s boss, so he ignored Lin Yan.


    The man led Mo Shuyun and Lin Yan to the row of cars.

    Lin Yan swallowed as she stared at a car.

    She had never seen such a darling WW.

    Lin Yan looked regretful.

    How could such a good car be owned by a dreadful racer? It would be perfect to use such a waste of resources.

    “This one, Boss! I’ll have this car!”

    “Big Brother, I want this car! I love it!”

    “Useless things…” Lin Yan gritted her teeth as she glared at Mo Shuyun and He Lefeng.

    “I-I want this!” Lin Yan pointed at the car and grinned.

    The man stepped forward and opened the door.

    He Lefeng shuddered as a sense of superiority hit him.

    To think that he would be able to drive the car of his dreams in this lifetime. At least, right now, he wouldn’t lose to any professional racers.

    “Whoever beats me will be the head racer,” replied the man.

    Lin Yan, who had initially not been interested, peeked her head out of the window. “Are you serious?”

    “I am a man of my word,” the man replied.
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