831 Im Too Powerful

    Chapter 831: I’m Too Powerful

    Lin Yan glanced at the cars and yelled at Mo Shuyun and He Lefeng. “No one is allowed to go easy on him!”

    Even though the boss’ personality was weird, money came from danger.

    “Can we begin?”

    Mo Shuyun looked at the man in the car and spoke excitedly.

    “I told you to start.” The man remained expressionless.

    “Sure, you’re the boss. You’re right.” Mo Shuyun nodded.


    Suddenly, the man’s car was the first to dash out. Lin Yan, Mo Shuyun, and He Lefeng were left in their cars.

    Had he just announced the beginning of the race? No!

    “Should we back out?” Lin Yan was taken aback. How dare such a grown man play dirty with them? How dare he act so shamelessly?

    He had said that he would start the car, yet he had fled.


    As Lin Yan and the others were at a loss for words, the man’s voice was heard.

    “F*ck! Who can beat him? He’s too despicable!” He Lefeng hastily started his car and bolted forward.

    Lin Yan and Mo Shuyun followed him closely.

    “You can’t beat us even if you want to.” The corners of Lin Yan’s mouth curled up when she started the car.

    She had witnessed the man’s driving skills. He Lefeng could crush him a thousand times.

    He Lefeng’s car had already caught up with the man’s car.

    “That’s your technique?”

    He Lefeng could hardly believe his eyes when he saw the car ahead.

    He had thought that the man was an expert, but he couldn’t beat him. How could he be considered an expert? Or had perhaps his driving skills reached their pinnacle?

    “Ha ha ha! Boss, I’m sorry. Please admit that I’m too strong for you.”

    He Lefeng grinned happily as he stepped on the accelerator. He was indeed a fool. Wasn’t a car meant to run free?

    He Lefeng’s car had just overtaken the man’s, but according to the rearview mirror, the man was hot on his heels. He stepped on the accelerator as though he had never let go before and he crashed into his car.


    He Lefeng glanced at the rearview mirror and broke out in cold sweat. Was this a competition or an assassination?

    Was the boss planning to kill him?

    Even if he didn’t manage to hit him, the car would be destroyed.

    Instinctively, He Lefeng steered the car to the right.

    He had entered the path of salvation and forfeited.

    He Lefeng instinctively retracted his gaze. However, it was too late.

    “What the…” He Lefeng was so angry that his eyes were red.

    “What kind of nonsense is this? Why does he resemble my sister so much?” He Lefeng gnashed his teeth furiously.

    He remembered that Lin Yan had insisted on charging toward someone else’s car the first time she had been his navigator.

    “Did you go to the same school as my sister? Why are you so shameless?”

    He Lefeng got out of the car, looking indignant.

    If he had really lost because his skills weren’t as good as the other man’s, it wouldn’t have been a big deal. However, although his racing skills were far behind that man’s, he couldn’t accept it.

    “You silly girl!”

    As Mo Shuyun’s car passed by, he pointed his middle finger at He Lefeng.

    He Lefeng was speechless…

    “You big idiot.”

    A second later, Lin Yan’s car stopped and she rolled down the window. She gazed at He Lefeng in disappointment. “Even he can beat you?”
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