834 Big Brother, Dont Be Rash

    Chapter 834: Big Brother, Don’t Be Rash

    Lin Yan was fine.

    “Boss, you’re too good!” Mo Shuyun’s eyes darted around. “Look at you! You made such a huge mistake yet you managed to beat He Lefeng and me easily by pressing on the accelerator. This shows how good you are!”

    The man’s expression improved slightly when he heard Mo Shuyun. He glanced at Mo Shuyun.

    Lin Yan glared at Mo Shuyun. Why would he steal her lines?

    She was the one who had thought of this first. She had been about to say something when Mo Shuyun had stolen her lines. Why was he so shameless as to pander to his conscience?

    “Boss, you must have nothing to say. I used all my strength to beat you. I didn’t think that your shoelaces would slow you down. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have won.” Lin Yan gave the man a thumbs-up.

    “Let’s race again.” The man’s tone softened.

    Mo Shuyun, Lin Yan, and He Lefeng were shocked.

    “No, no, no!”

    “There’s no need!”

    “Big Brother, don’t be rash. You have beaten us!”

    Lin Yan, Mo Shuyun, and He Lefeng yelled in unison.

    If she were to compete with this man, it would be considered a competition. It would be a risk.

    If anyone dared to race with him, they would have a feud with him. Why would they choose to perish together?

    “Boss, there’s no need. We have seen your skills.” Lin Yan grinned.

    The man contemplated it for a moment before nodding.

    Lin Yan heaved a sigh of relief when he agreed.

    She wasn’t afraid that the man would beat her on the track. He wasn’t that capable. She was afraid that the man would kill her. How could she have found such a good boss?

    “Boss, look! This car…”

    Lin Yan glanced at her car.

    “It’s yours,” the man replied softly.

    Mo Shuyun replied, “I hate you!”

    He Lefeng was exasperated.

    “Shall we go again?” The man turned to He Lefeng and Mo Shuyun.

    He Lefeng was speechless…

    Mo Shuyun was speechless.

    “Boss, don’t even try it one more time. They won’t be able to beat you even if they try 100 more times. The disparity is too great. They don’t have the right to compete with you!” Lin Yan grinned.

    The man seemed to enjoy Lin Yan’s speech, as his expression softened.

    Lin Yan frowned at He Lefeng and Mo Shuyun. “Follow me and let’s go get some stuff. Don’t disturb the Boss. He is busy at work!”



    The two of them spoke feebly.

    Coming across the car of their dreams felt awful.

    Lin Yan selected an office for the entire morning. She then allocated several sets of laptops and office supplies.

    She was about to talk to Qi Shaoyuan about the management of the team, when He Lefeng rushed in, looking flustered.

    “Sister… Something is wrong… Something is wrong!” He Lefeng looked flushed.

    “Did a dog bite you?” Lin Yan glanced at He Lefeng.

    “No… Someone is looking for trouble!” He Lefeng blurted out anxiously.

    “Who are they looking for?” Lin Yan was puzzled.

    “They are looking for you!” replied He Lefeng.

    “Huh?” Lin Yan was taken aback.

    Someone wanted to cause her trouble?

    “They said that they are from some kind of clan. They want someone named Lin Yan. I saw them coming here aggressively and I fled!” He Lefeng explained.
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