836 One Could Do It All

    Chapter 836: One Could Do It All

    He Lefeng glanced at the man, feeling guilty.

    The Boss didn’t seem to be a match for these strong men. Besides, wealthy people like him liked to do business. He might as well forget about having a fight.

    Plus, the Boss couldn’t possibly fight with someone just because of his staff.

    The man’s eyes trailed to the leader of the Hunter’s Guild. “I’m their boss.”

    The leader nodded and sneered. “Alright then. Come with us.”

    Before the man could respond, He Lefeng suddenly interjected. “Let’s go! Where are we going?”

    “Little Brother, this has nothing to do with you.” The leader glanced at He Lefeng.

    He Lefeng sneered coldly. “What a joke! Do you know how vile you are? You are a group that came here to cause trouble. I even suspect that you have an ulterior motive and want to kidnap her. I’m a lawyer. Listen to me, if you don’t leave now, you will be in trouble!”

    “Oh?” The leader chuckled. “I want to see what kind of trouble we will face.”

    He Lefeng was speechless…

    He had wanted to scare them, but who knew that this man would be a desperado!

    “Alright! You forced me to do this! Don’t blame me for not warning you. You can’t even leave anymore!” He Lefeng sneered coldly before he turned to the man. “Boss, call the security guards and teach these fools a good lesson!”

    “No,” replied the man expressionlessly.

    He Lefeng was dumbfounded when he heard him.

    What had Boss just said?

    He would be calling no security guards?

    Such a big boss was doing important business in such a huge building, yet he didn’t even have any security guards?

    “What kind of security guards do you need? Boss can handle a hundred of them,” replied Lin Yan.

    Instinctively, He Lefeng turned to her.

    Her bragging was over the top.

    If Boss could take on two or three of them, perhaps he would believe that he was 100 times better than the others. Could he be like Popeye? Had he grown up eating spinach? Or was he Superman?

    He Lefeng naturally wouldn’t say that.

    He turned to the Hunter’s Guild and the others. “I’m not afraid to tell you the truth. Our boss is a relentless man. He is known for slaying 10,000 people at a time. If you don’t leave, he will kill all of you when you drive him crazy. I won’t be able to stop him…”

    “You’re interesting.” The leader smirked at He Lefeng.

    However, the Hunter’s Guild didn’t seem to be interested in He Lefeng. Instead, they turned to the man.

    The leader sneered coldly. “Boss, do you think we can take her with us, or will you attack us?”


    About half an hour later, He Lefeng glanced at the burly man, who was wailing in pain. He then turned to the man, who looked nonchalant and aloof. He was rooted to the spot.

    His sister wasn’t boasting at all. Was the Boss performing magic? He had beaten a dozen or so strong men to the ground.

    “Do you need me to go back with you?”

    The man glanced at the leader of the Hunter’s Guild.

    “This is a misunderstanding… It’s all a misunderstanding…” The leader of the Hunter’s Guild gritted his teeth and shook his head. “We… We got the wrong person. Didn’t you say that she isn’t Lin Yan? Yes, we got the wrong person. We are looking for Lin Yan, not her.”
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