840 How Could He Know?

    Chapter 840: How Could He Know?

    Lin Yan had to get serious.

    These two old men were completely different from the previous hunters.

    As a natural being, an evolved being could control other people’s actions.

    Fortunately, there seemed to be something wrong with their brains. She might be able to escape.

    “What kind of ability can control other people’s behavior? How despicable and detestable!” Li Si was full of disdain.

    “Goodness, Li Si! How dare you disrespect your brother! I want you to kneel down and apologize!” Zhang San yelled.

    Before Li Si could respond, Zhang San suddenly frowned. “Hold on, I think something is amiss. This little girl seems to be trying to drive a wedge between us!”

    Li Si was taken aback. “Now that you mention it, I think so too!”

    “You…” Zhang San was enraged. However, Lin Yan was nowhere to be seen.

    She had seized the opportunity to sneak away while they were arguing.

    Lin Yan realized that an evolved being wasn’t necessarily a smart person. Although their brains had evolved, their intelligence hadn’t improved. The two of them were an obvious example of bad evolution.

    “Girl, where are you going?”

    Suddenly, Zhang San and Li Si, who were chasing Lin Yan in their car, caught up with her.

    Lin Yan was speechless… Was this never going to end?

    Li Si got out of the car and tried to slap Lin Yan.

    Before his palm could reach her, a wind came. Lin Yan’s heart jerked violently at the sight of his palm.

    She couldn’t withstand this kind of slap…

    It was only then that Lin Yan recognized the disparity between her and the two evolved creatures.

    It could be described as a massive chasm.

    If they fought, she would die.

    She would definitely die!

    “How dare you!”

    Li Si was about to strike Lin Yan when someone shouted coldly.

    Li Si stopped in his tracks and looked around instinctively.

    A few seconds later, a young man with a woman’s bag strode toward them with an expressionless face.


    The corners of Lin Yan’s mouth twitched as she studied He Lefeng. Why had he come here? He was even carrying the bag she had left in his office…

    “It seems like the Hunter’s Guild has lost its courage.” He Lefeng glanced at Zhang San and Li Si. “Ignore me.”

    “Who are you?” Zhang San pressed his hands to his waist as he glared at He Lefeng.

    “Ha…” The corners of He Lefeng’s mouth curled slightly as a cold glint flashed in his eyes. “There are clouds in the ninth heaven.”

    “There are clouds in the ninth heaven?” Li Si’s face was filled with confusion. “How much rain can these clouds cause?”

    “Shut up!” Zhang San glared fiercely at Li Si. Then, he turned to He Lefeng and frowned deeply. “There are clouds in the ninth heaven… The ninth heaven? Is your surname Xiao?”

    “Ha!” He Lefeng sneered coldly.

    Zhang San became even more cautious. “May I know where the third heaven is?”

    He Lefeng was speechless…

    He was dumbfounded.

    How could he know about the ninth heaven or the third heaven?

    He had originally noticed that Lin Yan had left in a hurry, so he had tried to catch up with her. However, he had discovered that something was amiss while Lin Yan had been driving. She hadn’t picked up his call, so he had followed her out of worry. However, he had encountered this situation.

    Were these two members of the Hunter’s Guild? Or were they evolved beings? He hadn’t heard a single word.

    When a lady was in danger, she could only pretend to be her boss to take a gamble…

    “Which Xiao of the three Xiaos are?”
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