841 Acciden

    Chapter 841: Accident

    Although He Lefeng didn’t seem affected, he was flustered and anxious.

    What did that mean?

    Three Xiaos?

    Was this about eating food?

    Eating supper?

    Was it similar to that?

    This couldn’t be…

    It wasn’t as though they were making a statement!

    Even Lin Yan was panicking, let alone He Lefeng.

    Why would this kid come here to cause trouble? She couldn’t even protect herself against these two lunatics.

    Lin Yan would rather be in danger than see He Lefeng get in trouble.

    “Sir?” Zhang San frowned when he noticed He Lefeng’s silence.

    “It’s time for supper!” He Lefeng replied coldly.

    This was just nice!

    Lin Yan was completely dumbfounded when she heard He Lefeng.

    Even Zhang San was puzzled.

    Supper? What did he mean?

    “No… Is something wrong?” He Lefeng broke out in cold sweat.

    He knew that something was wrong. How could he be so blind?

    However, he could only be confused by this situation!

    “Sir, what is the third heaven?” Zhang San felt that something was amiss, and his tone turned cold.

    “San Xiao… I am free… I…”

    He Lefeng, who had panicked, began to blurt out stuff. However, before he could finish, the men’s expressions faltered and they surveyed him in surprise.

    “So this is the Second Master… Sorry for being disrespectful… This time, we didn’t get the situation right. Second Master, please forgive us for being petty. We will scram now…” Zhang San turned around and left.


    “Zhang San, why are you running?”

    Li Si was perplexed.

    “Idiot! Stupid pig!” Zhang San glared at Li Si. “He is Second Master Xiao Yao of the ninth heaven! Didn’t you hear him? He’s Xiao Yao!”

    “Huh? Xiao Yao?” Shock filled Li Si’s eyes.


    He Lefeng stood rooted to the spot as his eyes darted about. “Sister, are they gone?”

    “I’m leaving!” Lin Yan nodded.

    “Sister, hurry up… Help me! I can’t take it anymore. I’m going to die of fright!” He Lefeng collapsed on the floor as he trembled.

    Lin Yan darted forward and helped He Lefeng up. “Who asked you to come? What if something had happened?”

    He Lefeng passed his bag to Lin Yan. “Something happened! Something huge happened! You’re my sister, so how could I not come?”

    Lin Yan was speechless…

    “Sister, why did you provoke them? Who are they? Are they really evolved beings? How could they control other people’s behavior? Is this for real? And what is the Hunter’s Guild doing? Are they hunting?” He Lefeng was puzzled.

    Lin Yan was at a loss for words.

    “Oh my god! I was so scared… Our boss’ surname is very useful. What did they call me just now? Second Master… Did I say anything? I was having supper and enjoying myself!” He Lefeng furrowed his eyebrows.

    Before Lin Yan could respond, He Lefeng hastily said, “Yeah, yeah! Let’s leave quickly. We shouldn’t linger here any longer. Once they return, we will be in trouble!”

    He Lefeng, who seemed to have been really frightened this time, turned pale. He had been careful and cautious along the way.

    It was getting late by the time He Lefeng got home. They could only meet up to discuss the details.
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