844 Are You Worried About Me?

    Chapter 844: Are You Worried About Me?

    Lin Yan stole a glance at the people behind her. Helpless, she walked to the door and knocked.

    “Come in.”

    Lin Yan opened the door softly when she heard the man’s hoarse voice.

    The man was sitting against the light before the desk.

    His fitting, classic custom-made suit and white shirt were buttoned to the top of his collar, and a simple gold-framed pair of spectacles was on his face. The sunlight behind him cast a faint golden glow on the man’s back through the white windows.

    The pair of eyes behind the lenses were as mysterious and mystifying as the ocean.

    Pei Yucheng raised his head when he heard her footsteps. “Miss Lin…”

    He seemed surprised that Lin Yan would come home at this time. He also looked suspicious.

    Lin Yan shook her head as she studied the man’s expression carefully.

    Pei Yutang’s eyes, which were deep and unfathomable, sparkled like stars the moment he raised them.

    She gently pulled the curtains behind her, as though the light in his eyes was as blinding as spring…

    Lin Yan glanced left and right. No matter how she looked at it, Pei Yucheng didn’t look as bad as Pei Yutang had said. He didn’t look sickly at all.

    He was supposed to be working, but he didn’t seem tired at all. He seemed to be in a good mood.

    Lin Yan unconsciously recalled what Pei Yutang had said to her earlier. The corners of her mouth twitched unconsciously.

    Why was he in such a good mood because he was in love? This explanation was too implausible.

    No matter how amazing love’s medicine was, she couldn’t help but fall ill at a glance…

    “What’s wrong?” Pei Yutang smirked as he watched Lin Yan intently.

    Lin Yan coughed awkwardly to clear her throat. “Nothing! I just heard that you were busy at work and you were running a fever. I was worried about your health, Mr. Pei!”

    Pei Yucheng glanced behind Lin Yan and saw Pei Yutang and the others hiding swiftly.

    Pei Yucheng retracted his gaze and chuckled softly. “Don’t worry. My fever has subsided.”

    Lin Yan scratched her head. “Really? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere else? Has your body been feeling weak recently? Is your head spinning? Are your eyes blurry? Do you feel any pain?”

    Pei Yucheng shook his head. “Did Yutang tell you something? Don’t worry, I know my body the best. They are exaggerating.”

    Pei Yucheng’s words always made people believe him instinctively.

    Lin Yan mulled this over and felt that he made sense. Pei Yucheng was a man of high status and wealth. His health was too important, so it was hard for the people around him not to be nervous.

    Earlier on, they had described Pei Yucheng’s condition as serious. However, she had been here for a long time. Hadn’t Pei Yucheng been fine? He hadn’t lost control at all, had he? He was even gentler and more patient than any other person.

    “You’re really fine. However, if you can’t hold on any longer, you shouldn’t force yourself…” Lin Yan was still worried.

    Pei Yucheng’s eyes sparkled like stars. “Are you worried about me?”

    Lin Yan, who felt uneasy, muttered, “I’m definitely worried.”

    Although Pei Nanxu and Pei Yutang had asked her to help, she… was still worried.
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