845 Touching His Forehead...

    Chapter 845: Touching His Forehead…

    “I’m very happy that you’re worried about me. However, I’m fine. Haven’t you been busy recently? Just do your own thing. If I need your help, I will call you,” Pei Yucheng replied.

    Pei Yucheng was so gentle and considerate. Lin Yan was grateful for her perverted alter ego. What kind of boyfriend had she found for her? He was perfect…

    Besides, it had been a long time since that fellow had appeared. Hence, she had been the one enjoying her perfect boyfriend.

    Lin Yan had confirmed once more that there shouldn’t be anything wrong with Pei Yucheng. Pei Yutang and the rest must be making a mountain out of a molehill.

    Besides Lin Yan, Pei Yutang and the others were also beginning to doubt themselves.

    Big Brother did look good. Could Doctor Tan have really made a false diagnosis?

    Xing Chen seemed to expect Pei Yutang to say something. As he unwrapped a lollipop, he cut him off. “Don’t doubt Doctor Tan’s professionalism. Otherwise, he will try to kill you.”

    Qin Huan grinned and replied, “Third Young Master can’t be blamed. Brother Yu is too good at pretending. Whenever he was injured, he broke dozens of bones and his organs were in danger. He could still lie in bed and watch the races, though. He could even give his professional opinion. He acted as though he was on vacation.”

    In the study, Lin Yan was completely convinced that Pei Yucheng was fine.

    However, she didn’t feel relieved at all. Instead, she felt uneasy.

    “Are you really fine? Then… I shall leave now…”

    “Go ahead.”


    Lin Yan strode across the study. She was about to reach the door when she instinctively turned around to glance at Pei Yucheng.

    The man continued to read the documents, his expression and appearance flawless.

    Why was she still worried?

    Was she being too paranoid?

    Lin Yan realized miserably that her concern was messed up…

    This unfamiliar feeling made her panic.

    Her heart was beating wildly, and she couldn’t calm down.

    When Lin Yan stepped out of the study, she spun around abruptly.

    Seconds later, she decided to go back the way she had come and walked toward the desk.

    When Pei Yucheng noticed that Lin Yan had returned, he looked confused. “What happened?”

    Other than Pei Yucheng, everyone else was also looking at Lin Yan curiously.

    Why had she gone back?

    Lin Yan’s heart was a mess, as though a kitten had just been crushed.

    She stared at the man’s face, which could captivate anyone. Her footsteps, which had originally been slow, became faster and faster as she strode over to Pei Yucheng’s desk.

    Lin Yan stared unblinkingly at the man with a mix of emotions on her face.

    Pei Yucheng said, “Lin…”

    This time, Lin Yan didn’t wait for Pei Yucheng to finish his sentence. She pressed one hand against his desk and pressed her other hand against his neck.

    The man’s short hair tickled her palm, making her feel even more flustered…

    However, Lin Yan didn’t stop. She turned around and pressed her forehead against Pei Yucheng’s face under his shocked gaze.

    Besides Pei Yucheng, Pei Yutang and the others were also shocked by Lin Yan’s sudden actions.

    What was going on?
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