846 I’m Not Buying The Trick

    Chapter 846: I’m Not Buying The Trick

    Lin Yan pressed her palm against Pei Yucheng’s forehead. In an instant, he was so hot that it seemed as though he was about to burn her skin. The warmth spread from his forehead to her skin.

    It was so hot!

    His temperature couldn’t be considered normal.

    Lin Yan’s expression changed instantly, and her heart felt as awful as though it had been cut off by a sharp knife. All that was left was a mess.

    Lin Yan extended her hand and pressed it against Pei Yucheng’s forehead once more.

    It was burning like fire.

    “You’re running a fever!” Lin Yan pressed her forehead against Pei Yucheng’s. Her heart felt as though it had been ignited by the man’s forehead, and her face was frosty. “Pei Yucheng! You said that your fever had subsided, didn’t you?”

    Lin Yan had always been respectful in front of Pei Yucheng.

    This was the first time she was so hostile to him.

    This was also the first time Lin Yan had called Pei Yucheng by his name.

    Pei Yucheng was momentarily dazed by the girl’s intense gaze. For the first time in his life, he felt as though he had been struck by a guilty conscience. He fell silent, as he had no idea how to respond.

    Lin Yan was about to explode from anger.

    What was wrong with this man?

    He had managed to fool her so nonchalantly and casually.

    His fever had gone down? How could his fever have gone down? He was burning up!

    He had fallen ill and pretended that nothing had happened. She had almost been duped into thinking that he was fine.

    Pei Yutang had been right. He was really ill.

    An ordinary person wouldn’t even be able to walk properly after reaching such a state, let alone after having a high fever for several days. How could he sit there and handle such complicated matters?

    “It’s just a fever…” Pei Yucheng blurted out after some time.

    Lin Yan exploded in anger when she heard him. “You’re just running a fever… That’s all? Your forehead is so hot that you could cook an egg on it!”

    Lin Yan extended her hand to touch Pei Yucheng’s forehead and neck. She then touched Pei Yucheng’s hand and said coldly, “You’re burning up! How could you tell me that you’re fine? You have to go to the hospital now.”

    Pei Yucheng watched as the girl flew into a rage. His eyes were as gentle as water as he watched the girl’s tiny hand. He slowly tightened his grip and held the girl’s fingers. Then, he raised her hand, placed it against his lips, and kissed it gently. “I’m really fine. Don’t worry, alright?”

    Lin Yan’s fingers felt as though they had been scalded. Warmth spread all over her body.

    Lin Yan’s face was as cold as ice, and it took her a long time to snap back to her senses. She gritted her teeth as she glared at the man. She then hissed, “Don’t try to seduce me! I don’t want this! You have to go to the hospital today!”

    The man opposite her seemed to have a pool of starry radiance in his eyes as he gave her a tiny smile. “Are you sure?” he asked hoarsely.

    Lin Yan turned her head and saw the man’s eyes, which seemed to be able to capture a person’s soul. She took a few deep breaths to calm herself down. At the same time, she became even angrier.

    How could he still have the energy to try to seduce her?

    He was really, really, really scheming!

    Lin Yan’s anger was extinguished just like that, leaving a few sparks behind.

    Lin Yan shut her eyes and inhaled deeply. “It’s fine if you don’t go to the hospital. You should go to bed and rest immediately, though…”
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