848 The Right to Reveal the Truth

    Chapter 848: The Right to Reveal the Truth

    Lin Yan glared at Pei Yucheng, who was exerting pressure on Professor Tan.

    Pei Yucheng coughed softly and turned to Professor Tan. “Say it.”

    Professor Tan then said cautiously, “Actually, I’ve already said this many times. President Pei’s health has been severely damaged, and he needs to recuperate slowly. Otherwise, his life might be in danger…”

    Professor Tan paused for a moment before he added, “President Pei, I believe that you can sense that your internal organs are as fragile as glass. Your immune system is like a thin layer of paper. If you continue to work so hard, your work will consume your life. If you really are at the end of your rope, even a top doctor won’t be able to save you…”

    Perhaps because he had found someone to back him up, Professor Tan had begun to reveal everything. The more Lin Yan listened to him, the worse her expression became. In the end, her entire body turned to ice and she started emitting a cold aura.

    Everyone in the bedroom fell silent as they listened to Professor Tan.

    After some time, Lin Yan’s expression hardened. “Give us a treatment plan.”

    Professor Tan hurriedly took out a document. “Here… Actually, medicine and treatment can only be used for support. The most important thing is…”

    “What?” Lin Yan pressed impatiently.

    She didn’t dare utter a word when she noticed that Professor Tan had been keeping a close eye on Pei Yucheng. She simply covered Pei Yucheng’s eyes and turned to Professor Tan. “Continue.”

    Pei Yucheng was speechless…

    Professor Tan was speechless…

    Pei Yutang and the others were speechless… Could that work?

    The warning present in his eyes was blocked off instantly. Professor Tan was stunned for a long time before he stammered, “The most important thing is that the patient cooperates… At least from now on, President Pei can’t do anything that will consume his energy…”

    Lin Yan nodded. “Got it. He will cooperate.”

    “Errr… Okay… Then I’ll prescribe President Pei something…” Professor Tan realized that something had happened to the family’s authority.

    Pei Yutang, Qin Huan, and the others, who were standing behind him, sensed the change and instinctively stood there like quails.

    Lin Yan let go of Pei Yucheng’s hand after the doctor finished speaking.

    Her eyes met his eyes, which were trying to hide their amusement.

    Lin Yan seemed to be immune to Pei Yucheng’s beauty. With an impassive expression, she asked, “Did you hear what the doctor said?”

    Pei Yucheng nodded. “I did, but some documents are important…”

    “No, the doctor has to agree.” Lin Yan remained unmoved.

    His desk was full of documents. Which one wasn’t important?

    As long as she opened a drawer, there would be at least two documents inside.

    How important was his body?

    If she could, she would lend her body to him. Of course, that was impossible. She couldn’t allow him to do anything rash.

    Lin Yan hadn’t realized that she had been selected to be his girlfriend…

    Pei Yucheng glanced at Professor Tan. Professor Tan, who hadn’t been threatened by Pei Yucheng, straightened his back and said stiffly, “President Pei, your health can’t possibly allow you to continue working so hard.”

    Professor Tan had finally realized that President Pei seemed exceptionally docile in front of Miss Lin…
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