850 Not That Kind Of Relationship

    Chapter 850: Not That Kind Of Relationship

    Lin Yan walked through this minefield successfully and watched Pei Yucheng take his medicine before closing the door.

    “Daddy! You’re amazing!” Pei Yutang was completely convinced.

    “Miss Lin, thank you.” Pei Nanxu thanked her.

    “It’s fine, it’s fine. You don’t have to thank me. It’s all my fault. I didn’t take good care of him. Don’t worry, I will keep an eye on him later,” replied Lin Yan.

    “Then I will have to trouble you to do that for some time.”

    “Mr. Pei, you’re too kind. It’s only right. Mr. Pei is already asleep. I’ll make a trip to the company to revisit the work plans that Sister Ling is making. I’ll have her postpone my work as much as possible.”

    “I have something to do. I need to go to the office as well. Let’s go together,” said Pei Nanxu.


    In the underground car park of Summit Entertainment…

    Lin Yan opened the door and got out.

    As soon as they both got out of the car, they heard Duoduo’s familiar voice. “Sister Yan? Sister Yan, what are you doing here right now?”

    Duoduo and Zhao Hongling, who had just returned, had bumped into Lin Yan.

    “Sister Yan, are you finally willing to change your car?” Duoduo was startled by Lin Yan’s decision.

    Sister Yan didn’t seem to be willing to buy such an expensive car.

    Besides, why did this car look so familiar?

    It had not crossed Lin Yan’s mind that Pei Nanxu would get out of the car before she could explain.

    Duoduo shrieked instantly. “Mr… Pei!”

    The Summit Entertainment employees weren’t surprised when they saw the artist. What was surprising was that Lin Yan and Pei Nanxu had gotten out of the car together.

    Duoduo, who had always been kind, was so shocked that she stammered. “Sister Yan… You… How could you and Mr. Pei…”

    Zhao Hongling was much more composed and steady, but she was rather surprised as well.

    Pei Nanxu had been set up by someone during his debut, so he had been embroiled in a scandal. From then on, he had been very cautious. Everyone in the industry knew that Pei Nanxu had never appeared alone with any actress.

    Besides, Lin Yan, who had once been known as the Queen of Scandal, was with him. Even though they were managed by the same company, Pei Nanxu had helped Lin Yan. They were close, but there was no way Pei Nanxu would be in the same car as her.

    This didn’t make sense.

    Lin Yan, who had expected Duoduo and Zhao Hongling to react this way, sighed helplessly. “I happened to be on Mr. Pei’s way, so I came with him…”

    “On his way?”

    Duoduo could not believe that Lin Yan had been given a chance to be with Pei Nanxu today. Even though this was a private trip, why would Pei Nanxu allow Lin Yan to get in his car?

    She had noticed that Lin Yan had gotten out of Pei Nanxu’s car.

    “Sister Yan has been bragging to me that she has a backer at Summit Entertainment. Could her backer really be Mr. Pei?” Duoduo whispered to Zhao Hongling.

    Zhao Hongling furrowed her eyebrows. “Lin Yan has said that she is related to Pei Nanxu.”

    “Sister Yan did say that, but how do you know what she said is true? I don’t believe her at all! When has Mr. Pei been so nice to an actress or taken care of her? He suddenly has relatives in the industry? Sister Ling, have you ever taken special care of him? He doesn’t even allow Summit Entertainment into his private life…”
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