852 Creating a Racing Team

    Chapter 852: Creating a Racing Team

    Zhao Hongling, who was in a daze, wanted to confirm that Lin Yan was referring to Pei Nanxu. Based on the timeline, Lin Yan had told Zhao Hongling when she had acquired a boyfriend, and she knew how much time she had spent with Pei Nanxu. They had been together since she had signed a contract with Summit Entertainment.

    Coincidentally, Lin Yan had mentioned that Pei Nanxu was sick and Pei Nanxu had postponed his work. He wasn’t in good condition at all.

    If Lin Yan’s boyfriend was Pei Nanxu, she wouldn’t think of anyone else.

    Lin Yan had been working hard, so Zhao Hongling naturally couldn’t reject her request. “Alright, I’ll make arrangements. You should go back and take good care of him.”


    After she was done with her work, Lin Yan left the company and called Qi Shaoyuan.

    She had to solve the problem at hand.

    In the cafe, Qi Shaoyuan’s eyes lit up when he saw Lin Yan. He hurriedly rose and waved at her. “Goddess! I’m here!”

    Lin Yan glanced at Qi Shaoyuan. “Is there anyone else in this room?”

    Qi Shaoyuan was startled to hear that. Indeed, he was the only one in the room.

    Lin Yan sat down and peered at Qi Shaoyuan. “I have something to ask you.”

    Lin Yan wasn’t very familiar with the rules and regulations of racing teams. Qi Shaoyuan’s job was related to this, so he was a professional.

    “Boss, you can ask me anything you want. As long as I know, I will tell you everything.” Qi Shaoyuan nodded eagerly.

    “Aren’t you working at the racing arena?” asked Lin Yan.

    Qi Shaoyuan forced a smile. “Yeah! Otherwise, how could I have recognized you, Boss?”

    “I want to create a team. I wonder what I need to do…” Lin Yan went straight to the point.

    “You want to create a team?”

    Qi Shaoyuan was slightly taken aback. He couldn’t quite understand why Lin Yan wanted to create a team.

    “Boss, aren’t you a member of the He family team?” asked Qi Shaoyuan.

    Lin Yan had single-handedly turned the He family team from a low-ranking team to an advanced team. Why would she want to build a new team?

    A high-ranking team and a new team were worlds apart.

    At the very least, Qi Shaoyuan thought that she would have to beg for a huge sum of money.

    Of course, Qi Shaoyuan knew that it wouldn’t be difficult for Lin Yan to build a new team, but it would be a waste of time.

    Most importantly, it was impossible to only have one top racer in a team. If all the racers in the same team weren’t good, there would be no point in creating a new team.

    Based on Qi Shaoyuan’s understanding of Lin Yan, she wouldn’t be willing to spend money to hire expensive racers…

    “I left,” Lin Yan replied.

    “You left?” Qi Shaoyuan eyed Lin Yan. “Boss, you mean you really left?”

    “Yes,” replied Lin Yan.

    Qi Shaoyuan was speechless…

    Although he was curious to know why Lin Yan had left the He family team, Qi Shaoyuan didn’t probe further when he saw that she didn’t intend to explain.

    “Boss, based on your skills, it won’t take long for you to build a new team.” Qi Shaoyuan grinned at Lin Yan.
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