853 Give Me Some Face

    Chapter 853: Give Me Some Face

    Of course, there had to be some prerequisites. Lin Yan had to compete every time. Otherwise, it would be a waste.

    Qi Shaoyuan informed Lin Yan about the terms of forming a team.

    The conditions for establishing a racing team were harsh. Other than being qualified to take part in the examination, there were many other prerequisites.

    “What if a banned racer wants to form a team?” Lin Yan asked Qi Shaoyuan.

    Qi Shaoyuan was startled when he heard Lin Yan.

    A banned racer?

    “Boss, what do you mean?” Qi Shaoyuan furrowed his eyebrows.

    “Actually, I was banned.” Lin Yan grinned.


    Qi Shaoyuan was shocked.

    He snapped back to his senses as he contemplated this. “I don’t think any racer has been banned from competing before…”

    “I was banned overseas,” replied Lin Yan.

    Qi Shaoyuan was speechless…

    After several seconds, he snapped back to his senses.

    “Boss… Do you mean that Yeva disappeared because… she was banned from competing?” Qi Shaoyuan spluttered in disbelief.

    Lin Yan nodded. “Yeah.”

    Qi Shaoyuan asked, “Boss, how many years have you been banned for?”

    Lin Yan replied, “Permanently.”

    Qi Shaoyuan was speechless…

    He had never imagined that his boss would back out of the competition.

    Even though he was Yeva’s die-hard fan, he hadn’t heard a single word about this. Qi Shaoyuan couldn’t fathom why Yeva would be banned from competing.

    Although there had been rumors of Yeva being banned from competing, no one had believed them. The rumors had been lambasted by Yeva’s fans.

    Qi Shaoyuan had never imagined that Lin Yan would retire because of such an absurd reason.

    It was no wonder that the international racing federation hadn’t announced this. If the news was announced, it would cause an uproar.

    “Boss, if that’s the case… this might be hard to handle.” Qi Shaoyuan eyed Lin Yan with a frown.

    There was no difference between being banned from competitions or being banned by the racing teams of the country.

    All the national teams were part of the same competition. If one was banned from competing, one would be banned from every team.

    “Boss, why don’t you wait until I have news? Let me talk to the organization and see if there is any way.” Qi Shaoyuan contemplated this briefly before he spoke.

    If Lin Yan had been banned from competing, she shouldn’t have been able to qualify to race. The management of the team might have been a little negligent, and the inspection of the old team’s driving licenses shouldn’t have been thorough. However, if a new team was established, the examination would be stricter. If Lin Yan had been banned from competing, this would be a waste of her effort.

    “Alright.” Lin Yan nodded in response.


    Qi Shaoyuan made a trip to a cafe.

    “Uncle Li, you need to give me some face. This issue…” Qi Shaoyuan gazed at the man beside him.

    Uncle Li was a middle-aged man.

    The man glanced at Qi Shaoyuan and chuckled softly. “Shaoyuan, this isn’t about giving you face. It’s impossible for an overseas racer who has been banned forever to compete. As you know, all the racing teams are connected. If we give you a special permit, that would be a violation of the rules… We can’t even help a racer qualify.”
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