854 Don’t Talk About Kneeling, Or Even I Will Kneel

    Chapter 854: Don’t Talk About Kneeling, Or Even I Will Kneel

    “Uncle Li, let me be honest with you. You’re my special friend. Even if you don’t want to give me face, do it on my father’s account.” Qi Shaoyuan hastily interjected.


    The middle-aged man fell silent for a moment before he sighed helplessly. “Nanyuan, it’s not that Uncle Li doesn’t want to give you or your father face. Those are the rules of the organization…”

    Qi Shaoyuan was speechless…

    “Alright then. Sorry for troubling you, Uncle Li.” Qi Shaoyuan had to leave.

    “Hold on.” The middle-aged man suddenly stopped Qi Shaoyuan.

    Qi Shaoyuan was delighted. “Uncle Li, is there anything to discuss?”

    The middle-aged man shook his head. “There is no room for discussion. I just wanted to ask you something. What’s the name of the foreign racer who was banned from competing? I have to write down his name and ban him from appearing on the track.”

    The corners of Qi Shaoyuan’s mouth twitched. “I don’t know…”

    He had promised Boss not to reveal her identity.


    Later, in the President’s office…

    “Dad, I’m begging you. Give me some face…” Qi Shaoyuan gazed at his father with a fawning smile.

    “You?” The man frowned.

    “Dad, you’re not giving me face. Just act like you’re giving me face. You’re a really good friend…” Qi Shaoyuan quipped.

    “Impossible,” President Qi replied dully. “No other racer in this country would be able to qualify for the competition, let alone establish their own team. This is forbidden.”


    “Get out!” President Qi snapped impatiently.



    After Qi Shaoyuan left, the middle-aged man named Uncle Li walked into the President’s office with a smile.

    “President Qi, Shaoyuan has been looking for me,” replied the middle-aged man.

    “He has nothing to do all day. Don’t pay attention to him,” President Qi replied.

    “Oh yeah. How is the new team?” President Qi asked.

    The middle-aged man nodded and replied, “Everything’s going smoothly. This year’s international competition will be held in our country. Many good racers want to participate, but… there is a huge gap between us and the top teams overseas.”

    President Qi fell silent.

    “For instance, the top teams in the racing industry are too strong. It’s a pity that there aren’t any racers like Lang Mang or the Death Knight. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have been so passive.” The middle-aged man sighed heavily.

    “It’s unrealistic.” President Qi put down the document in his hand and glanced at the middle-aged man. “You might as well say that there is no racer like Yeva in the racing industry.”

    The middle-aged man chuckled in amusement. “President, I wouldn’t dare think about it… I can only think of someone like Lang Mang or the Death Knight. As for Yeva, I shall forget about her.”

    “That’s weird.” President Qi entered a reverie. “A racer like Yeva is very strong and capable. How could she suddenly vanish?” President Qi was puzzled.

    However, the middle-aged man didn’t seem surprised. “Perhaps she earned enough money. Besides, I heard that she suffered some injuries. That may be the reason why, but it’s a pity no matter what. If such a treasure was in this country, I wouldn’t allow her to retire even if I had to kneel down and beg.”

    “You? Kneel?” President Qi glanced at the middle-aged man and replied, “Even I would kneel.”
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