859 I Dont Want to Lose You Again

    Chapter 859: I Don’t Want to Lose You Again

    Other than the breakup, Pei Yucheng had never once flared up at her.

    She had always felt that Pei Yucheng was a celestial boyfriend. How could she hate him?

    However… She felt that Pei Yucheng… was currently too suppressed.

    The man unconsciously loosened his grip on her fingers and chuckled. “It’s good that you don’t hate me.”

    Lin Yan decided not to press on.

    One of them was on the bed, while the other was on the couch. Both of them went to sleep.

    Lin Yan had been busy the entire day so she fell asleep soon.

    After Lin Yan fell asleep, the man on the bed opened his eyes slowly and gazed intently at the girl.

    Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain in his head…

    I hate you…

    Pei Yucheng, you are the person I hate the most in my life…

    I would rather die than be with you…

    You don’t even know how to love someone…

    You’re a monster…


    Boss Pei, ever since I watched you on TV, I fell head over heels in love with you and couldn’t stop thinking about you. Do you know that there are 100 kinds of sweetness? Eating candy, eating cake, and thinking of you 98 times…

    When the girl’s sweet voice replaced his memories, the pain in Pei Yucheng’s mind began to subside and he broke out in cold sweat.

    Even if he had to disguise this forever, he wouldn’t want to lose her.


    The next morning, at JM Corporation…

    All the higher-ups were present, and the major shareholders and elders were also present. The meeting room was in chaos.

    “Cheng Mo, you’re President Pei’s assistant. Tell us what happened!”

    “Exactly! He hasn’t signed this important contract yet. If he doesn’t sign it, all the plans will have to be suspended for the next six months. Do you know how many losses this will cause the company?”

    “The Europe headquarters has called to ask what’s happening.”


    Cheng Mo was anxious, but he maintained his composure. “Everyone, please calm down. The time is still not up, right?”

    “What do you mean it’s not up yet? The contract should have been signed a month ago, but it’s still in limbo. President Pei said that he wanted to reconsider, so we postponed it for another month. President Pei agreed to meet us in three hours!” one of the elders bellowed as he slammed his palms on the table.

    Another person seemed to be wary of Pei Yucheng, as he warned him sternly, “Let me be clear. I have already informed the headquarters. If anything happens to us, he won’t be able to escape.”

    “Cheng Mo, I think you’re trying to stall for time! According to my sources, President Pei is already in bed and can’t handle the company’s affairs. This is a huge matter, yet he is keeping all of us in the dark. Will you be able to handle everything?”

    Cheng Mo replied, “Everyone, you’re worrying too much. President Pei is fine.”

    “Bullsh*t! How dare you refuse to tell the truth! Tell us honestly, does President Pei have a serious illness?”

    “If that’s true, we have to make plans for the company!”


    Cheng Mo hadn’t revealed any weaknesses, as they were wary of Pei Yucheng. Hence, they didn’t dare do anything by force.

    However, if Pei Yucheng didn’t give her an explanation today, this wouldn’t be over.

    No one knew President Pei’s health better than Cheng Mo. He might not be able to handle any work, but the company needed him. Cheng Mo was in a dilemma. He was almost split in two.
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