861 What Is The Motive?

    Chapter 861: What Is The Motive?

    Lin Yan was completely stumped right now.

    Initially, she had been alarmed when she had discovered that she was about to be possessed again. However, after some deliberation, she’d tried to calm herself down and hide her presence.

    Fortunately, that fellow hadn’t noticed anything.

    This time, she wanted to make use of the fact that this fellow wasn’t aware of her motive…

    ‘Lin Yan’ had picked up Pei Yucheng’s phone and unlocked it. She had read Cheng Mo’s text and pretended to be her. Then, she had asked Cheng Mo to bring the information over…

    What was this person up to?

    Lin Yan continued to read.

    Pei Yucheng was lying on the bed in the bedroom right now. Besides, he was still very weak. If this fellow really wanted to do something to Pei Yucheng, it would be too easy.

    She wouldn’t be able to stop it at all.

    At this thought, Lin Yan was terrified.

    She had thought that the lecher had given up. Who knew that she’d been waiting for a chance?

    After Pei Yucheng ended the call with Cheng Mo, he glanced at himself before he stopped paying attention.

    His gaze then landed on Lin Yan.

    The girl was wearing a nightdress. Although it was very conservative, she had been sleeping restlessly and had already unbuttoned several buttons, so he could vaguely see the bra inside…

    Pei Yucheng averted his eyes instantly.

    Lin Yan was merely worried about Pei Yucheng’s safety right now. She hadn’t noticed that his gaze had landed on her. She hadn’t realized that only a few of her buttons were not unbuttoned.

    She had always suspected that the lecher was a woman.

    Pei Yucheng stretched his hand and fastened the buttons of Lin Yan’s pajamas before walking out of the bedroom.

    This fellow hadn’t attacked Pei Yucheng?

    What was she trying to do?

    Lin Yan knew that she couldn’t do anything, but she had to figure out what that fellow was up to. Hence, she could only wait and see.

    Pei Yucheng sat casually in the courtyard to sunbathe for a while. Cheng Mo came and passed him the document.

    Cheng Mo said carefully, “Madam, I’ve already brought everything you wanted.”

    Pei Yucheng replied, “Put it down. Go wait in the living room.”

    Cheng Mo didn’t dare disobey. He obediently left.

    Lin Yan felt as though she was about to go crazy. F*ck! Cheng Mo was so silly!

    How could he entrust such an important document to this lecher?

    That fellow had an ulterior motive!

    Even if… Cheng Mo thought that this person was Lin Yan, he shouldn’t have zero wariness around her, right?

    Lin Yan was at a loss for words. She could only see what that fellow was up to.

    That fellow took the thick pile of documents and entered Pei Yucheng’s study.

    She entered the study!

    Pei Yucheng’s study was more important than Pei Yucheng’s bedroom!

    Due to Lin Yan’s deliberate concealment and Pei Yucheng’s distracted focus, he hadn’t realized that Lin Yan was awake.

    After entering the study, Pei Yucheng took a pen out of the second drawer of his desk before he began to finish a month’s worth of work.

    His consciousness had taken over Lin Yan’s body, and his mind had regained its clarity. He had uncovered all the traps that the old men had dug for him.

    All the problematic parts were labeled with a pen, while the rest of the documents were signed.

    In less than two hours, Pei Yucheng was done with work.
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