862 The Power of Love?

    Chapter 862: The Power of Love?

    Everything was too bizarre…

    Although she had guessed that this lecher might know Pei Yucheng, she seemed to know him very well.

    How intimate could they be for her to know Pei Yucheng’s password?

    How intimate could they be? How could they be so intimate that there was no need for her to look before pulling out a pen from the second drawer?

    How intimate could they be for her signature to resemble Pei Yucheng’s signature?

    Although she couldn’t understand the documents, this lecher seemed to understand very well all the information and data on JM. She had looked through them extremely fast.

    Was it fine for that fellow to forge Pei Yucheng’s signature?

    What kind of place was JM Corporation? It would definitely be discovered if a signature was forged, right?

    Lin Yan was horrified at the thought that this fellow could be Pei Yucheng’s enemy. Was she trying to steal secrets or set Pei Yucheng up?

    The more Lin Yan thought about it, the more anxious she became. In the end, all she could do was watch as that fellow passed the documents to Cheng Mo.

    “How is the company?” asked Pei Yucheng.

    Cheng Mo answered honestly, “Just as President Pei predicted. Everyone is waiting for President Pei to make a mistake. The headquarters even reported this beforehand. Unless I’m wrong, people from the headquarters will soon be on their way.”

    Pei Yucheng replied, “Take all these documents to the company.”

    Cheng Mo’s eyes lit up as he read the documents. “Yes, I’ll take them over right away! It must have been hard on you to take care of Boss!”

    Cheng Mo didn’t think too much about it. He merely assumed that Lin Yan had taken care of Pei Yucheng and that his health had improved. That was why he had finished all this work.

    However, his boss had been really efficient this time. A month’s work had been completed in two hours. This was even faster than usual.

    Indeed, he would never understand the power of love.

    Soon, Cheng Mo arrived at JM Corporation.

    Everyone who had been waiting to watch the show looked at Cheng Mo, who had come back alone. “How is he? Assistant Cheng, you can’t hide this any longer. Are you finally ready to tell us the truth?”

    Cheng Mo distributed the documents expressionlessly. “President Pei has finished handling all the documents and they will be sent to the headquarters immediately. If anyone has an issue, they can return to the headquarters to redo them.”

    “What?” The old man was shocked. “This is impossible!”

    When he saw that Pei Yucheng had found all the traps he had prepared, he was even more shocked.

    He had been so meticulous and prepared for so long that no one would be able to tell by reading the documents. There was no need to elaborate on Pei Yutang. Pei Nanxu certainly wasn’t that smart. He would only be discovered if a monster like Pei Yucheng dealt with it personally.

    He had already heard that Pei Yucheng’s body wouldn’t be able to handle this kind of high-intensity work. How had he managed to do that?


    This was impossible!

    Someone had to be helping Pei Yucheng.

    However, even if someone could help Pei Yucheng with this, they couldn’t forge his signature.

    The old man calmed down and asked coldly, “Did President Pei really sign these documents?”

    Cheng Mo frowned. “What do you mean?”

    “I don’t mean anything. I just want to confirm the authenticity of the signature. I’m doing this for the sake of the company’s safety so that no one will take advantage of President Pei’s illness to try to get away with this.”

    This requirement wasn’t against the rules, and under the circumstances, it would only make people suspicious if he refused to verify the signature.
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