867 The Headquarters’ Invitation

    Chapter 867: The Headquarters’ Invitation

    Lin Yan raised her head to look at God Z and nodded. “Yeah, the headquarters called me earlier.”

    “Did the headquarters invite you?” Su Cai’s eyes were filled with suspicion.

    “Miss Lin, I expected that you would be here. Miss Lin is truly the best racer in team C.” God Z chuckled softly before he glanced at Su Cai.

    Su Cai gnashed her teeth in anger. She had no way of responding to God Z.

    After several minutes, the person in charge of the headquarters walked over and smiled at everyone. “Hi, everyone. I’m the person in charge of the headquarters.”

    After a round of explanations, everyone finally understood that the top teams in the country needed to form a new team for the international competition. Their name would be First Team.

    Every official member would be the strongest racer of every team.

    Other than the First Team, there would be another new team called the Second Team.

    The people present today naturally weren’t qualified to join the First Team. They could only enter the Second Team.

    The two teams that had been established for the international competition were both there.

    The First Team had the strongest racers in the country. Almost all the racers in the country were the best.

    For instance, the captain of the K1 team was the only captain who was qualified to join the team.

    Su Cai and God Z were considered second-grade and third-grade racers in the country’s racing arena. Hence, they had no right to join the team.

    Actually, it wasn’t hard to understand. The racers of the First Team were the strongest racers in the country, while the Second Team was far below them. The reason for establishing a Second Team was to prevent any accidents from happening to the First Team.

    After hearing the explanation of the person in charge, everyone finally understood that half of the racers that had been invited today could be members of the Second Team, while the other half would be their substitute team members.

    God Z’s eyes roved over the person in charge before he said softly, “Previously, the headquarters didn’t inform us of the details. Hence, I wanted to ask if I’m a substitute or an official member.”

    If he was a substitute, he might reject the offer outright. However, if he were to become an official member of the Second Team, he might still be able to accept.

    “The majority of our candidates have been confirmed. Headquarters has invited you to be an official member of the Second Team,” the person in charge told God Z.

    God Z smiled and nodded. “Alright then. I will join the team in that case.”

    God Z was aware of his own abilities. It wouldn’t be realistic for him to become an official member of the First Team. Given his skills, he probably wasn’t up to the task of being a substitute of the First Team either. Hence, he was very satisfied that he was able to become a member of the Second Team.

    God Z hadn’t expected Lin Yan to come.

    He then recalled the conversation between Lin Shuya and Yeva’s apprentice, Sun Shuoran.

    Lin Yan was Yeva!

    In fact, God Z felt like he was dreaming every time he saw Lin Yan.

    He really shouldn’t have overheard Lin Yan and Sun Shuoran’s conversation that night. Every time he saw Lin Yan, he would feel shocked and fearful, as he was afraid that Yeva would discover something was amiss.

    If Yeva were to find out that he had overheard her conversation with Sun Shuoran…

    God Z felt nervous every time he thought of this.
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