868 Unfair

    Chapter 868: Unfair

    “Miss Lin Yan, it’s been a while.” A man with outstanding looks approached Lin Yan with a bright smile.

    “You are…” Lin Yan sized up the man. He looked familiar, but she couldn’t quite remember him.

    “Miss Lin, I’m Qi Feng. Remember when we fought before at the competition?” Qi Feng chuckled softly.

    Lin Yan deliberated this for a moment before her eyes sparkled. “The captain of the Lightning team, Qi Feng…”

    Qi Feng nodded and smiled. “Miss Lin, you’ve finally remembered me.”

    Lin Yan had some recollection of this man.

    Lightning was the most powerful team in the classification match’s C division. The captain was also very interesting. He hadn’t shown any indignance after losing to her. Instead, he was delighted.

    Lin Yan remembered what Qi Feng had told her after losing at the competition.

    “I didn’t lose to you, but to the immense future potential of the Chinese racing industry. I just hope that more and more excellent racers like you will improve in the country’s racing arena.”

    Lin Yan had some recollection of this man.

    “Miss Lin, can I sit beside you?” Qi Feng smiled.

    “Sure,” replied Lin Yan.

    “Miss Lin Yan, you’re really good. I hope that I will have a chance to learn from you,” Qi Feng said.

    “We should learn from each other.” Lin Yan grinned.


    “I don’t think I’m a substitute. Am I right?” Su Cai asked the person in charge.

    “Miss Su Cai, don’t rush this.”

    The person in charge gave the documents to all the racers present.

    Some of them were for the substitute members, while the others were for the official members.

    Lin Yan glanced at the document in her hand. Fortunately, she wasn’t a substitute. Even if she couldn’t join the First Team, she would still be an official member of the Second Team. That would at least be something.

    “Miss Lin Yan, even though you’re a new member, the headquarters has decided to invite you to be an official member of the Second Team.” The manager grinned.

    “Thank you.” Lin Yan nodded.

    Everyone’s eyes trailed to her.

    Indeed, Lin Yan had only gained some fame when the competition had started. She was considered a new racer in the country.

    However, some of them had no objections to Lin Yan becoming an official member of the Second Team. After all, everyone had witnessed Lin Yan’s performance during the competition.

    As the lowest-ranking racer, she’d had to shoulder the He family team by force and get the He family team assigned as a top team.

    Amongst them were also some of the substitute team members who couldn’t be bothered.

    “This isn’t appropriate.” A young man stood up and glanced at Lin Yan. “She is a newbie. She lacks experience at competitions. It’s not fair for her to become an official member.”

    “Indeed. Some veteran racers have become substitutes. I think it’s unfair for new racers to become official racers.”

    However, the captain of Lightning’s team, Qi Feng, glanced at them and asked coldly, “What do you mean? What’s fair and unfair?”

    “Captain Qi Feng, she is a new member of the Second Team. Some experienced and talented racers will be substitutes. What kind of experience does she have?” one of the racers replied.

    “Experience?” Qi Feng grinned. “Wasn’t the classification match a competition? Miss Lin Yan brought the He family team to the championship of the C division. Isn’t that considered experience?”
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