869 Substitute?

    Chapter 869: Substitute?

    “What about that classification match? Does she have any experience at international competitions?” The man sneered coldly.

    Qi Feng glanced at the racer and asked, “Experience at international competitions… Do you have any?”

    The man’s smile froze abruptly.

    “I remember that you haven’t participated in an international competition before. According to your logic, how could you be an official member of the Second Team? Shouldn’t you be a substitute first?” Qi Feng asked softly.


    The man glared at Qi Feng speechlessly.

    Lightning’s captain was right. He had never participated in any international competitions before.

    “Even though we haven’t participated in any international competitions, how many competitions have we experienced? Aren’t we experienced enough?” another racer quipped.

    “Oh… In that case, based on your logic, it’s fine if you participate in the competition, but it’s not fine if Miss Lin Yan participates in the competition. Miss Lin Yan is participating in a national competition, yet you think that’s nothing? Or do you have no regard for the national competition?” Qi Feng retorted.

    “Don’t try to twist everything. I didn’t say that I look down on the national competition!”

    “Ha ha! You’re the one who’s trying to reframe the situation. I never said that you looked down on the national competition. Why did you accuse me? That’s some extreme double standards,” Qi Feng said.

    Lin Yan glanced at Qi Feng in surprise. She hadn’t expected that this man… would be so good at attacking. There was a hint of Lang Mang in him.

    The only difference was that Lang Mang would yell and swear.

    “We watched the competition. I think that Lin Yan won because she got lucky. Otherwise, how could she be the champion of the C division?”

    Qi Feng nodded in response. “I think that you became a professional racer because of luck. You shouldn’t be participating in a racing competition. You should be participating in a talk show. I think it would be more suitable for you.”

    Before anyone else could respond, Qi Feng added, “Miss Lin Yan is my friend and a worthy opponent of mine. I’m also aware of her capability. If any of you feel indignant about Miss Lin Yan and think she’s just lucky, things can actually become very simple. Anyone who refuses to accept it will have to compete with Miss Lin Yan. I’d dare to bet all my wealth, but I’m afraid that some people might not have the guts.”

    “Captain Qi Feng, I couldn’t tell that you’re a primary school student. Are you actually challenging others to a one-on-one fight?”

    “I’m a primary school student? Then what are you? A prenatal student?” Qi Feng asked curiously.

    Lin Yan was speechless…

    How was he like Lang Mang when he didn’t resort to foul language?

    “Hold on.” Su Cai suddenly smiled and turned to the person in charge. “Based on what I know, Lin Yan should be a substitute. You might have made a mistake.”

    The person in charge was taken aback.

    This was the list that the higher-ups had decided to announce. How could it be wrong?

    Just as he was about to speak, the phone of the person in charge rang.


    The person in charge smiled apologetically at everyone before he went out to take the call.

    The person in charge then returned.

    “Sorry, I was wrong. Miss Lin Yan is indeed on the substitute list,” he replied.
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