870 Targeting Her in Secre

    Chapter 870: Targeting Her in Secret

    Qi Feng frowned. Was he mistaken?

    Lin Yan was puzzled as well. She had become a substitute…

    It was fine if she couldn’t enter the first team, but a substitute?

    In all her years of racing, she had never been a substitute.

    When she had joined WW, she recalled that she had been the captain.

    Qi Feng was about to say something when Lin Yan shook her head.

    There was no need for Qi Feng to offend so many people today.

    “Captain Qi Feng, your substitute is Chen Yu.” The person in charge glanced at God Z.

    Qi Feng nodded at the man.

    Every official member would have a substitute. The two of them would be in charge of handling everything and taking over. If there was any unforeseen event, the substitute would replace the team member. Before that happened, the substitute team member would have to serve the official member.

    “Miss Su Cai, your substitute is Miss Lin Yan.” The person in charge glanced at Su Cai.

    Su Cai shot a disdainful look at Lin Yan. “No way… How could such a person be my substitute?”

    Qi Feng looked puzzled.

    Everyone had witnessed Lin Yan’s performance on the racing track. Su Cai would never be able to beat her.

    What puzzled Qi Feng the most was the fact that Su Cai had become an official member of the racing team and Lin Yan was a substitute member. That was rather…

    However, after a moment of contemplation, Qi Feng had some guesses.

    A relative of Su Cai was working at the racing arena…

    Lin Yan had become an official member of the Second Team, and the documents pertaining to that had been issued. How could there have been a mistake?

    Su Cai, who had been silent all this while, seemed to be holding her phone and chatting.

    Qi Feng glanced at Su Cai.

    The reason Lin Yan had become Su Cai’s substitute had to be Su Cai herself.

    Qi Feng fell silent for a bit before he spoke. “I want Miss Lin Yan to be my navigator.”

    Everyone was startled.

    He wanted a racer to be his navigator?

    The person in charge surveyed Lin Yan.

    He had read some of Lin Yan’s information. She had indeed been a good navigator when she had first joined the He family team.

    Lin Yan was merely a substitute, so it wouldn’t be a problem even if she were to be Qi Feng’s navigator.

    “Captain Qi Feng, you must be reading too much into it. Earlier on, the person in charge said that Lin Yan will be my substitute. She now needs to be your navigator. Is that even possible?” Su Cai glanced at Qi Feng.

    God Z glanced at Su Cai unconsciously.

    This woman was really brave. If she knew that the person she was opposing—Lin Yan—was Yeva, her reaction would be unpredictable.

    Qi Feng replied, “Miss Lin Yan isn’t just a racer. She is also an excellent navigator. She has the right to enter the second team as a navigator. If you don’t agree to lend her to me, then let Miss Lin Yan be your navigator. How about that?”

    Su Cai frowned.

    Even if Lin Yan was a good navigator, would she really help her? Wouldn’t she be a ticking time-bomb?

    Su Cai had informed her uncle at the headquarters that she had replaced Lin Yan as an official member and made her a substitute. She wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to make Lin Yan suffer. However, if Lin Yan were to join the Second Team as a navigator, she wouldn’t need to be a substitute. After all, the Second Team lacked an excellent navigator.

    Besides, every official member could have a navigator.
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