871 Respec

    Chapter 871: Respect

    If Qi Feng were to give the spot to Lin Yan, she wouldn’t be able to do anything. Not unless she wanted Lin Yan to be her navigator, and she wasn’t that foolish.

    “Sure.” After some time, Su Cai nodded and sneered coldly, “She’s just a substitute. If you want her, I have my own navigator. I don’t need an amateur like her.”

    “Miss Lin Yan, will you be my navigator? Do you have a problem with that?” Qi Feng asked Lin Yan.

    No matter what, this had to depend on Lin Yan. If Lin Yan didn’t agree, he wouldn’t force her.

    “It would be my honor,” replied Lin Yan.

    Instead of being a substitute, she might as well be a navigator.

    Initially, Lin Yan had come to the headquarters to check if she could get a chance to meet the top management. However, the current situation didn’t make it seem that easy. She hadn’t even seen any of the top management.

    Under the circumstances, she could only take it one step at a time.

    She hoped that she could find some hope in the international competition. Otherwise, she would have to bid farewell to the track.

    Actually, Lin Yan had taken a huge risk to join this team.

    She would have to meet the other teams, and if she was accidentally caught, she might expose her identity. If the other teams discovered that Yeva was Lin Yan, she would never be able to race for the rest of her life.

    “Alright, everyone, go back and rest now. This has been hard on you,” said the person in charge.

    “Miss Lin Yan, I wish you luck… However, I think that you aren’t that lucky. I told you before that you should avoid landing in my hands… Otherwise, you would get in trouble.” Su Cai walked over to Lin Yan and sneered coldly.

    “I don’t get in trouble,” replied Lin Yan dully.


    After they left the headquarters, Qi Feng chased after her.

    “Miss Lin Yan, you have to be careful. From the moment you officially became a substitute, Su Cai must have been up to no good. She has a relative who works for her,” Qi Feng told Lin Yan.

    Lin Yan nodded in response. “Yeah… But I don’t really care about her. I just feel that she’s very noisy.”

    “Miss Lin Yan, you have to be careful. She is a petty person, so you have to be wary of her. However, I have to thank her. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have found an excellent navigator like you.” Qi Feng grinned.

    “I’m so envious of you for having such a good navigator,” quipped Lin Yan airily.

    “Miss Lin Yan, to be honest, I’m envious of myself. Miss Lin Yan is my navigator, so I have to depend on her on the racing track,” Qi Feng replied.

    Even though Qi Feng understood that, given his skills, he wouldn’t get very good results even if he participated in the international competition, if Lin Yan were his navigator, he wouldn’t lose so miserably.

    At the competition, Qi Feng’s team, Lightning, had lost to the He family team, which had appeared to be a dark horse. Lin Yan had been the one riding the dark horse for the He family team.

    Qi Feng had competed with Lin Yan before, so he knew how good she was.

    He hadn’t paid any attention to any of the teams in the C division. It had never occurred to him that Lin Yan would be able to beat him.

    Qi Feng was very interested in this opponent. After investigating Lin Yan’s background, he had found out that she was a navigator and a professional racer.

    The more he’d investigated Lin Yan, the more respect Qi Feng had felt for his opponent.

    Qi Feng hadn’t expected that he would be on the battlefield with his opponent so quickly. It was all thanks to Su Cai.

    If Su Cai hadn’t caused trouble, Lin Yan would not have become his navigator.
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